07 Insightful Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers

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07 Insightful Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers

“Do it for the ‘gram” is a go-to line for every Instagram user that means “Do something so we can take a picture and post it to Instagram.” Instagram being a mood booster, a photo diary, a daily comrade, and a perfect escort for beginning your traveling blog. With said that the blogger vs Instagrammer game is becoming more energetic and resonant.

In case you didn’t already know, travel blogging has become synonymous with Instagram. Instagram users log on to this platform to get immersed in travel photos and videos. Travel Instagram accounts have changed the perception of how we look at Instagram and what we expect from it.

So, how to use Instagram to turn out to be a successful travel blogger? Well! As a travel blogger, you need to create content that evokes an adventurous spirit in order to align with what Instagram users love about the platform.

And How do you do it? That, my friend, is why I am here with this blog. This blog is for people who want to use Instagram as a way to share their travel experiences. Keep reading this blog to find out seven of the most effective strategies you may implement right now!

But before that, how about you know how to use the Instagram algorithm effectively? After all, Instagram algorithms can shape your goal towards travel blogging. 

How to use Instagram algorithms effectively?


If you keep track of your posts on Instagram, you will know how Instagram algorithms behave in mysterious ways. It calculates how likely someone is interacting with a post and eventually decides whichcontent gets seen. Staying one step ahead with an Instagram algorithm is the one step towards a successful traveling Ig account. So, let’s get right into it.

Be A Social Butterfly:

The Instagram algorithm makes sure to showcase you with posts that you enjoy. And since it is not possible for Instagram to dive into your souls, it relies on metrics such as the number of replies and time spent on other profiles.

The chances of you appearing in the feed increases after you involve yourself in someone’s Instagram feed or their stories. The first thing you should do is switch on the notifications for comments so that you never miss an opportunity to engage with your fans. Your Interaction is directly proportional to the progress towards a successful Instagram travel blogger. After all, winning hearts is how you win the Instagram algorithm.

Optimum Time:

The engagement on your posts fluctuates dramatically based on what day of the week and what time of day you post. However, keeping up with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm has made it more difficult than ever to determine the optimal time to share content with your followers.

What works for a 5-star restaurant may not perform as well for a coffee shop, and vice versa. So, what is the best time to post? Unfortunately, there’s no perfect time. To create a publishing schedule that works for your followers, you must first understand their preferences and prior interactions.

And most importantly, many travel bloggers shift their passion into a business. So, how to use Instagram for business? Well! It does not make much of a difference. However, tools like PowerAdSpy can serve you with its wide features and present you with quality service. 

Automate your analytics reports:

A reliable Instagram analytics tool can help you narrow down your target demographic and determine the type of content they will be interested in for a long time to come. It will save you a lot of time if you look at the data once a month and evaluate what’s working in terms of content, posting time, and hashtags.

Put your faith in a tool that will offer you the scoop on everything from audience sentiment research to best-traveling campaigns to customer engagement time. Beat the Instagram algorithm and save all your efforts using PowerAdSpy. It is an analytic tool that brings out the best in you. From a single dashboard, you can search for the live ads, best travel blogging business, engagement-oriented details, and so many more in just a few clicks.

Now that we know how to beat the Instagram algorithm. Let us head right into the tips and tricks to gain more reach and learn how to use Instagram effectively.

Instagram Tips For Travel Bloggers


These are some of how we think travel bloggers can use Instagram to add value to their readers.

1- Create great content for your target audience:

It is easy enough to identify your ideal consumer, but can you tell what type of content will entice them? If not, it is time to start looking into it. Try to figure out which photographs on the other accounts generate the most engagement and drive their business to greater heights.

Not sure how you can use Instagram for business? Try some of these cool strategies:

  • Go behind the scenes- It is a good idea to take videos and photos when traveling, especially if it is something that your readers are interested in or something that your followers often ask you about:
  • Ask your readers to show off their photos- You may even ask your readers to use your unique hashtag with their vacation photographs and tag you in their photos. This way, you can re-post their photo to your feed or tag them in the post.
  • Post exclusive deals- Reward your Instagram followers with discounts, freebies, and other incentives just for following you on Instagram. You may provide unique discounts or specials on your Instagram account if your travel blog is also a company and you sell e-books or other items.

You may experiment with these and see what draws the most attention. Your publishing strategy will alter depending on what your audience prefers.

2- Expressing raw emotions on Instagram:


Does it really matter what we are wearing? Does it matter that the people around us are smiling? Do emotions matter? Do they Conjure up in you?

Well! Enough of the questions though, let us get straight to the point.

Emotions are always high when you travel. You come across so many experiences that you can hardly forget. A breath-taking sunset, splendid trekking, eye-pleasing view, or even a small talk with a stranger can light up your mood.

Believe me or not, emotional marketing plays a very significant role in your traveling campaigns. The narratives and storytelling engage customers, and most importantly, it captures the subconscious natures of followers. It builds an instant emotional connection between your blog and the story.

Take an example of this travel blogger. The narration, the storytelling- everything is so real. It evokes raw emotions and will make you follow them. 

3- Find A Niche:


Let me tip you off with a harsh truth. You are not the only one who uses Instagram to document their travels. But do not let it deter you from trying. Regardless of how crowded your profession may seem, make yourself stand out from the crowd. What makes you unlike any other travel Instagram influencer is, well…YOU. You have your voice, your personality, your likes, and your dislikes.  

So, are you a straight shooter, are you a fan of controversy, and do you rant about anything? What are your interests and passions? Are you humorous when you write?

Now is a perfect time to ask yourself these questions and figure out what works best for you. The ability to stand out from the crowd and find something that makes you distinctive will come through finding a niche.

4- Instagram Stories+Instagram Live:

If you want your brand heard loud and clear, you must do so in a cost-effective manner without being lost in the crowd. Leverage Instagram stories and live to engage your audience. Make sure to promote your blog posts and latest Instagram posts.

Furthermore, you have to be mindful that quality trumps quantity. And since you cannot dump all the photos in one go on your feed, how to put out your traveling pictures & videos? Instagram stories allow you to post more content without clogging up the Instagram feed of followers. You can even utilize polls and Q&As within Instagram Stories.

Another cool IG feature? Instagram Live.

The Instagram Live feature allows your followers to follow along with your activities in real-time. Use Livestreaming instead of sharing grainy photos of the tiresome trekking and a mesmerizing sunrise! When it comes to authenticity and mesmerization, there is nothing better than live-streaming. When you post on social media, people get to see you at your most genuine and fascinating, and they can connect with you.

5- Cohesive feed:


Every travel blogger or industry wants to acquire new customers, and that brings us to the fact that the more Instagram followers, the more will be your potential customers. So, how are you going to do that?

It may sound cliche, but the first impression is the last. You should pay special attention to your Instagram feed and make it eye-catching, as 65 percent of people are visual learners.

Irrespective of what you use to create stunning visual material for your Instagram feed, whether you utilize user-generated content (UGC), your own photographs, or royalty-free stock photos. The key concept is to offer visual content to make an impactful first impression on your visitors while keeping your followers interested in your profile.

6- Create Instagram Ads:

Now that you have enough content, you need to get out there with an effective advertisement for instagram for business. Any travel blog, regardless of size, may benefit from advertising. If you want to expand your audience by reaching folks that may not have heard of you or your business previously, an effective ad may assist.

It is more efficient to start your own Instagram advertising strategy. It is quite similar to promoting posts on Facebook, with sponsored content showing in the feeds of the desired demographic. One way you can also ace the race is by spying on your competitor’s ad.

PowerAdspy is one such tool that can aid you with spying on the ads of your competitors. 

1- Login to your PowerAdSpy dashboard with your login credentials.

2- On the top of the dashboard, you can see the options to filter out ads using niche-based keywords.


3- Right below the search keyword option, you can refine ads based on Search by, Sort by, Filters, and Landing properties features.

4- On the left side of the dashboard, you will see various ad networks.

PAS dashboard

5- Tap on The Instagram icon. Further Search for ads using niche-based keywords.

6- There, you can check the ad analytics of the best performing ads of your competitors. You can also analyze the engagement and demographic details of the target audiences.

target audiences

Want to know more about PowerAdSpy! Start your free trial today!

7- Have fun throughout the process:

Without having fun, what’s the point of traveling and blogging? Go out, have fun, and be yourself. Please share your stories, and don’t be afraid to be verbose. Decide what you want to say and go with it. Be yourself, and do not mimic other bloggers or travel magazines! Keep in mind that blogs are all about you.

The success mantra of all renowned travel bloggers is that they don’t focus on what they don’t know much about or have not experienced yet. Their main emphasis is on what they have seen, and people eventually find them through such knowledge.

People will come back if you write about what you know, whether it is sports or languages or a particular place (it might be your hometown or country). You will become the go-to person for information on that topic.

The trick is to be comfortable in your own work and just have fun. There are no people around to judge you after all.

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Final Thoughts:

Instagram is a beautiful world full of humor, growth, excitement, and awe. You can double (or even triple) your audience with half the effort!

Then go out there and tell the world your tales. After all, it is said that first impressions are everything, so make the most of yours. Learn from others, lend a hand, and tell intriguing tales to others. A few months later, you will have an impressive fan base.

I hope now, you know how to use Instagram to your best and take your travel blogging and followers to the next level.