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Shape The Future Of Your Fashion Brand With Display Ads

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Shape The Future Of Your Fashion Brand With Display Ads

So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind while thinking about Fashion? Probably it is the vision of branded watches, belts, clothes, purses that can make you gaga over them.

By saying that, every iconic fashion brand that has reached milestones has a backstory. There are tons of practices and strategies that helped them get to where they are now. Display ads are one top-notch approach that has led them to success, or should I say reached their customers.

You must be wondering what Display Ads are:

Well! Display advertising can be as tricky as you can imagine. It is a modern way of enticing visitors to a website, social media platform, or another digital medium to complete a particular action.

It will not only keep them afloat in the choppy waters of fashion, but it will also help them grow while others continue to flounder. By saying that tracking your competitors on social media can serve you as a big cheese in the fashion industry.

So are you into fashion marketing or sales? Well! Of course, that is the reason you are here in the first place.

However, with the fashion industry that constantly changes, it is hard to stay ahead and win over customers. Luckily! This blog can help you focus on displaying advertisements that can help you maximize conversions, increase return on investment, and reach a wider audience.

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So, ready to take your fashion brand to the next level?
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Types Of Display Advertisements

There are tons of advertisements that you might have come across knowingly or unknowingly. The first display ad that smashed the advertisement game and grabbed the attention of thousands of viewers was Banner ads.

Since then, display advertising has evolved and continues to be an immense impactful medium to reach large audiences.

Therefore, knowing the different types of advertisements can help you execute display ads for your fashion brand more effectively. So let us dive right into their types:

Responsive Display Ads:


These are a type of display ad that adjusts their shape and appearance to fit different ad spaces. It comes up with text headlines, descriptions, and images leading as the best performing format for the specified audience.

The ad network selects a combination of these to match various ad slots and calculates the best-performing format for the audience. The Google Display Network is now more accessible to a broad range of advertisers, thanks to responsive ads.

Dynamic Display Ads:

Dynamic ads are banners that alter dynamically to adjust content and promotions to ensure that each user sees the effective creation designed for them. It increases conversion rate and loyalty while delivering maximum relevance at scale.

Dynamic Ads can assist brands to lead users that have visited their website or app. Then they will be exposed to the things they have seen or are most interested in:

Native Ads:

The goal of native advertising is to develop ads that are in tune with the tone of the page content and blend smoothly into the design. The idea behind native ads is to make the audience believe that the ad practically belongs there.

To be upfront with the readers, terms like “Sponsored” or “Promoted” are used to distinguish it from editorial content.

Furthermore, native advertising can be frequently seen in social media feeds. It is non-disruptive, and it exposes users to commercial content without making it stand out like a sore thumb.

Discovery Ads:


Discovery Ads- The future of the enhanced version of advertising. They are just another type of native ad that uses machine learning to personalize the ads in the most appropriate way based on the user’s touch.

You can find discovery ads in the YouTube search results, Watch Next, Gmail social and marketing tabs, and Google Discover results.

Tools like PowerAdSpy can provide you a sneak peek into the ads that bring the most organic traffic and advertising campaigns, allowing you to plan more effective ads for your next campaign.

Retargeting Display Ads

Retargeting is when a display ad is shown to users who have recently visited your website or glanced at a specific page or sequence of pages but have not yet taken the needed action.

Let me help you with an example: Have you ever seen a banner ad with a dress and left it in your cart? Well! That is what retargeting is all about. The idea is to remind your audience about your business.

Retargeted display advertisements can be banner ads or even Facebook ads. It serves best for personalized content.

Which Types Of Ads Suits Best For Your Fashion Brand?


Now that you know different ad types, there comes a new hurdle. With so many diverse display advertisements, how to choose the best one for your Fashion brand?

Honestly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this topic. You can use native ads while also adding banner ads. There is no limitation. You can add multiple ads to your website, and it can still do wonders for your brand.

The trick is to discover the perfect combination of concepts, items, and ad type to spin the ultimate fashion display advertising strategies. It all boils down to maximizing and implementing successful display advertising strategies.

Below are some of the most recommended and tested strategies used by well-known brands.

01- Personalize Your Customers’ Experience

Today’s customers expect a personalized experience when they are shopping. What about you? Don’t you love it when you get recommendations of products that you were searching for days? Of course, you would love it.

An effective personalization operating model can help retailers and brands keep pace. For Instance, Amazon has surpassed its level of personalization. It makes sure that its site’s personalization feels natural.

The strategy that Amazon tries is it recommends the products that were searched before or bought by the customers. Amazon is a player when it comes to marketing.

What you need to keep in mind is the authenticity of personalization. The more it is natural, the more it is closer to personal.

02- Keep An Eye On Your Competitors:


Display ads can let you blow your fuse while trying to make them work for your business. But trust me, it would be easier for you and your business once you start analyzing your competitor display ads.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with doing some initial research on your competitors’ activities across multiple channels. You can analyze their strategies, shortcomings, and their strengths and make them work in your favor.

However, seeking the help of tools is highly recommended than manually figuring out how their display advertisements are placed or what their marketing plan is.

PowerAdSpy is a great place to start. Just enter down your competitor’s website and find competitor display ads, ad tactics, including what they do for advertising. You will also get a sense of what their target keywords are. You will get everything you want.

Here we present you with an easy way to find top-performing competitor’s display ads with PowerAdSpy.

  • First and foremost, log in to the PowerAdspy dashboard using your login credentials.
  • You will come across different ad networks on the left side of the screen. You can select any network.
  • Suppose you choose the GDN ads option, you will get to see random display ads running in the Google
    Display Network.
  • You can search relevant display ads of your competitors through keywords by going to the search box that you can find on the top of the dashboard screen.poweradspy
  • Further, filter your ads based on Search by, Filters, and Landing Properties, or you can also look for ads with an advertiser’s name, brand name, or specific text.
  • The filter option of PowerAdSpy lets you filter ads based on desired geological location, age, gender, language, ad positions (Top or Bottom), and even image sizes.poweradspy

After you are done setting your preferences, hit the explore button.

That’s it! You will now get the best of all competitor’s display ad campaigns in just a few clicks.

03- Landing Page Optimization For Better Conversions

A visitor’s initial impression of your website is the landing page. Believe it or not, a good landing page transforms your visitors into leads. Make sure the link to your display ad is prominent and valuable to your visitors. The goal is to keep them from getting lost and to give them a reason to stay.

Furthermore, if your ad offers visitors a free belt and watch, make sure you make it as simple as possible for them to figure out how to get it. You can also interact with them and make them stay longer on your site by displaying them things that they are interested in:

04- Compelling Banner Ads:

Isn’t it simple to create a fascinating banner ad to grab the attention of your viewers? Surprisingly, it is far from simple.
In fact, many brands miss out on chances because of banner advertising that is enticing to brands but not to viewers.

To start off: consider the logo, fonts, and colors you have chosen to represent your brand. Your banner ads should have eye-catching images, innovative interaction, great content, or the most cutting-edge advertising technology.

The consistent use of these components improves public awareness of your brand and what it stands for. Creative content like “Free,” “On Sale,” “Today Only,” and so on attract users.

Also, keep the message brief and to the point while still giving sufficient information. The goal is to make significant and long-lasting impressions rather than just clicks.

05- Action-Oriented CTA


When everything appears to be in order, and there are no problems, yet no one is visiting your website to learn more or take advantage of your offer. You need to understand that there is an issue with your call to action (CTA).

Including an ineffective CTA in your display ads is equivalent to publishing a brand-new picture of a brand-new product with no valid details, which will ultimately cause visitors to forget about it.

Believe it or not, some people may see your ad in the same way that they would see an ad by the side of the road. Tell the user to “Click to See New Arrivals” or anything else the ad suggests.

The most effective CTAs work because they don’t just “call” viewers to action; they really make them want to do it.
Skyrocket Your Fashion Brand With PowerAdSpy

PowerAdSpy is one of the best ad analytic tools that bring the top-performing ads on GDN (Google Display Network) in front of you.

Whether it is shopping ads, or video ads, search ads, or GDN ads, it lets you find the most converting ads that you can use in your favor by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

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Why Should You Care About Ad Networks?

Now you must be wondering how much do advertisers spend on fashion ads?

Well! It all depends on your strategy and the goal you want to achieve. So, it is a bit impossible to quote a fixed amount of budget for your fashion ads.

But the one thing that we can assure you is that whatever your estimated budget for advertising is PowerAdSpy will cut down a good amount of expense for your brand.

There is so much that PowerAdSpy Can offer you:

  • PowerAdSpy can help you search for the top-performing or the most engaging fashion ads.
  • You can extract the most engaging and relevant keywords or the keywords that your competitors are targeting.
  • You can search ads with advertisers’ names or domains. It will lead you to have a better ad campaign.
  • Analyze the performance graphs of the top-performing advertisers and competitors.
  • Examine the most intriguing and engaging video advertisements and tailor your posts to your target audience’s preferences.

PowerAdSpy can be an ideal advertising partner for you as it is jam-packed with sophisticated features.

Roll Up Your Sleeves:

With display advertising, advertising has turned a new leaf and outgrown itself. Display ads, which were once thought to be just a minute element of advertising, have suddenly taken over the industry.

Display advertising is every company’s sole goal that it wants to accomplish for maximizing brand awareness.

Fashion sales on the internet are expanding all around the world and will continue to do so for the next thousand years. Several fashion enterprises are also turning to display ads as an essential medium to advertise their brand, and this is turning out to be a beneficial step for them.

I hope you found this blog informative and helpful in learning how online display ads work and how they can benefit your fashion brand.