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69% Growth In Organic Traffic Through Brand Marketing! In 4 Months

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69% Growth In Organic Traffic Through Brand Marketing! In 4 Months

Client Brief : The client is a leading provider of chaniya choli online usa, dealing with chaniya choli. They decided to go the online way and exponentially increase the reach of their services by getting in front of more audiences in Chicago and partnered with us for the same.

Challenges : ‘chaniya choli online usa ’ is a crowded niche and securing Google’s top rank for anyone in this niche is no walk in the park.
The industry our client is in, providing real value through blogs means creating in-depth articles about chaniya choli just about anything at the ease of one’s home.

Solutions :

● Our client specifically wanted us to focus on selling their ‘Evening gown, Saree online usa, Saree, chaniya choli’ as most of the people in Chicago. So,
targeting that keyword was a priority for us. Also, we extensively researched their niche and their competitors to select 60+ high opportunity keywords to target that resonated well with what they do.

● I did comprehensive market research and identified search trends based on their customer demography and behavior, to identify the best keywords that would transform and enhance their reach.

● The content marketing team aggressively worked towards promoting their content to ensure better visibility and qualified traffic.

● I worked on better strategies to increase the conversion rate of the website, by optimising and customising the website.

● A revamp of their site structure was done to achieve higher Search Engine Ranking, which would help them acquire higher visibility.

● The site was optimized for all major devices: mobile, desktop, and tablets to channel in maximum traffic.

● For additional SEO benefits, we wrapped all their website and blog content around those specific keywords and created an internal linking structure to smoothen the overall navigational flow of the website.

Results :

● In 3 Months we were able to increase the organic traffic by 68.94%.

● Through our strategic link building campaign we were able to increase new
users by 67.60%.

Organic Traffic


In the above graph we can see Overall Traffic where organic Search has increased by 68.94%.


In the above graph we can see organic Traffic as Sessions has increased by 67.74%, Users on the site has increased by 68.94%, & New user has Increased by 67.70%

Backlinks/Referring Domains


I have started Working for them in June and from then i have made tons of backlinks for them that resulted in Traffic in keywords Ranking

Top Keywords Ranks