Boosting ROAS 4X for a Home Decor Brand with Meta Ads

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Boosting ROAS 4X for a Home Decor Brand with Meta Ads


Our client, a prominent home decor brand(decorredefined), faced challenges in achieving a satisfactory Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through their digital advertising efforts. They aimed to increase online sales and revenue while staying within their advertising budget. We undertook the challenge of improving their ROAS through a comprehensive advertising strategy.


  • Increase ROAS by X% within a specific timeframe
  • Boost product sales and online revenue. 
  • Optimize audience targeting, segmentation, and ad creative to maximize ad performance 


Low ROAS – Existing digital marketing strategies had a subpar ROAS.

Competitive Landscape – The crowded home decor industry poses challenges for differentiation. 

Limited Brand Visibility : Weak online presence hindered customer attraction for the brand. 

Solution : 

We implemented a comprehensive strategy that incorporated various elements to address brand challenges. Here’s how we did it 

Audience Targeting and Segmentation – Ad Types – Retargeting

1. Audience Targeting and Segmentation:

We conducted thorough audience research to identify high-converting segments for the client’s home decor products. 

Demographics:  We segmented the audience by age, gender, location, and household income to tailor our ads to specific consumer groups.

Interests and BehaviorWe used data analysis tools to identify interests and behaviors related to home decor, such as interior design, DIY home improvement, and furniture shopping. 

Lookalike Audience: We created lookalike audiences based on the client’s existing customer data to reach potential customers who shared similar characteristics and preferences. 

2. Ad Types

To appeal to a wide range of potential customers, we implemented a variety of ad types across Meta Ads and Instagram Ads.

Image Ads : Visually appealing image ads featured best-selling products in various home settings, captivating potential customers and driving traffic to the client’s website. 

Carousel Ads : We used Carousel Ads on both Meta and Instagram to showcase multiple products in a single ad, catering to diverse customer preferences and boosting engagement. 

Video Ads: We produced short video ads that highlighted the quality and craftsmanship of the products. These videos were designed to engage viewers and encourage them to explore the product listings.

Instagram Stories Ads: We leveraged the immersive format of Instagram Stories to showcase the brand’s products in real-life scenarios. These ads were designed to tap into the visual and aspirational aspects of home decor.

3. Retargeting

 To recover potential customers who had shown interest but had not completed a purchase, we implemented a retargeting strategy specifically for the “Add to Cart” audience.

Dynamic Product Ads: We used dynamic product ads on both Meta and Instagram to remind users of the items they had added to their cart but hadn’t purchased. These ads featured the exact products and encouraged users to complete their purchase. 

Abandoned Cart Remarketing : We utilized Meta’s tools to track users who abandoned their shopping carts and sent them targeted reminders through Instagram and Facebook ads. These reminders included compelling visuals of the abandoned products and enticing offers to encourage conversions. 


  1.  Audience Research and Segmentation
  2. Ad Creative Production
  3. Ad Placement and Budget Allocation
  4. Retargeting Strategy
  5. Optimization and Analysis


Enhanced Brand Awareness : Our approach boosted sales and brand visibility with engaging Instagram ads, elevating the client’s position in the competitive home decor market.


Increased Sales: The combination of Instagram ads within the Meta ecosystem contributed to a substantial boost in product sales. Users who engaged with these ads were more likely to make purchases, and the conversion rate showed a steady increase over time. 


Significant ROAS Improvement : Over the course, our efforts resulted in a remarkable 5X% increase in the client’s ROAS. This indicated that for every dollar spent on advertising, they were generating X% more in revenue.



By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that included Meta Ads, specifically on Meta ads. We helped the brand achieve remarkable results. The significant boost in ROAS and product sales demonstrated the power of strategic online advertising and the visual appeal of Instagram for a home decor brand. success story serves as an excellent example of how a well-executed digital marketing strategy can transform a brand’s online presence and profitability.