How to Target Audience for Facebook Ads

With the change in the Facebook algorithm and a sudden decrease in the organic reach, Facebook ads have become the last resort for the marketers to fetch traffic. Facebook’s revenue from ads has been exponentially increasing over the past years- from USD 764 million in 2007 to USD 39942 million in 2017.   However, merely […]

How to Advertise on Facebook

As of now, Facebook enjoys over 2.10 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular social media platform on the web. Apart from the social bees, marketers and entrepreneurs also leverage Facebook as a game-changing marketing tool and so over 50 million businesses are on Facebook.   Quite impressive stats, right? But this is […]

How To Track Someones Phone Through Facebook?

How To Track Someones Phone Through Facebook? Facebook has redefined the way people used to communicate with each other and it is also one of the largest social media platforms that you can use to promote and advertise your business or products. There are plenty of ways to track chats on Facebook. We all have […]

How To Perform Ad Words Ad Spying On Your Competitors?

To figure out what your competitors are doing with their Adwords campaign is not an easy task. You may really want to know which keywords they are using for their campaigns, how their Ads look like, which Ads worked successfully in the past and so on. Well, here you will read about the different techniques […]

A Complete Introduction On How To Perform Facebook Ad Search

Facebook, is one of the biggest social media networks with almost 1.59 billion monthly active users. Though initially, it was targeting only the younger generation, today the user demographics for this platform extends right from the age of 13 and extends up to 65 as well. The ability of Facebook to keep people engaged for […]

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