Referral Traffic : Over Rated Tactic For Diverting Traffic to Website

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Referral Traffic : Over Rated Tactic For Diverting Traffic to Website

Most marketers are endeavoring one goal in common: improving the amount of traffic to their website. Numerous tactics to achieve this goal include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), blogging, social media marketing, etc.

Foreseeing high ROI is what all marketers attempt. However, the SEO method is time-consuming, PPC is expensive, Google is overflood with blog content, and social media has perpetually faced an issue while proving ROI.

One often neglected tactic that can potentially have a good impact is referral traffic. So, what is referral traffic, and how can you use it to generate more leads? We will witness all these terms in this blog, so stay tuned.

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What is Referral Traffic?


Referral traffic is valuable in online marketing because it sends interested readers and qualified potential customers to your site from new domains. It also adds SEO benefits and is driven either by inbound activity or social activity that diverts the positive signals to the search engine about your site.

The originating site is a known referrer because it refers to traffic from one place to the next. Referral traffic is one of three statistics tracked by Google Analytics. The others are Search traffic – visits from a search engine- and direct traffic to a domain.

Why Referral Traffic Is Important For Your Website?

Referral traffic is vital because it diverts the potential buyers to your website from other sites that might have the same target groups and customers who trust their recommendations easily.

Continuously checking the referral list, you can get an analysis better and can identify the targeted audience coming from those sites. Further you can optimize your content accordingly to convert website visitors to the potent customers.

By adapting referral traffic, there is not one advantage you are receiving along with getting customers. You can also rank better in search engines because people with a trusted website will make the search engine credence your content.

Referral traffic is a tricky and complex task as it diverts the audience to your website with the external link but, here we are presenting you with 05 tactics to increase the referral traffic;

Search Out For Better Ads –

Ads are the entirety of the best ways to get traffic to your website, competitive ads which generate a good audience is what every marketer seeks, and sometimes it can be a frustrating task. With the ad intelligence tools which can help you sneak into globe-wide ads, competitors ads and the most trending ones in simple clicks.

PowerAdSpy is an intelligence tool that can launch competitive ads into the crowded market. Let you search the ads based on target, the audience’s respective age, audience, keywords, and competitors. Implanted with features letting you filter out the best out-performing ad campaign based on the marketing trends.

View results – Analyzing the active and past campaigns, extract results from any advertiser online and ads based on domains.

Copy & implement- Copy and implement the ads that work and monetize the ads that give you better results.


Publish Guest Posts-

Guest blog posts can get easy access to a lot of referral traffic on your website. A convenient way of doing this is by backlinking the content, mentioning your website in the author bio, or using the CTA button at the end of the post.

Ensure that the website you choose for guest blogging is related to your industry and receives high traffic on most days.

Creative More Effective Content Formats-

For some topics, instead of writing a lengthy blog post, consider creating a video or infographics. If done accurately, this visual content can generate resources which are shareable by publishers.

Promote On Social Media-

For average internet users, social media websites are often the sites where they spent most of their online time. It can be an excellent opportunity for nearly all publishers to leverage this opportunity and create a noticeable social media presence.

Leverage Social Media Website-

Although social bookmarking websites may have gone slightly down in popularity, they remain highly relevant for referral traffic. The social bookmarking website allows users to save a post for future reference.

How is Referral Traffic Tracked?

Referral traffic passes through a user’s browser further, the information tracked and passed via the HTTP referrer. The job of this HTTP referrer is to identify where a user came from and where they are currently. When your website gets a click, the browser sends a request to your server.

The request includes a file with data about the last places visited. Google Analytics then captures the data and reports it as a referral domain.

Tracking the referral traffic and knowing it, if not convince you to adapt these overrated tactics for better traffic, we have listed the benefits you get from referral traffic.

Benefits of Referral Traffic


Valuable Visitors

One of the vital methods of gaining more referral traffic is through effective link building. If done correctly, authentic visitors from trusted websites and increasing the positive score of your website.
Organic Traffic

Factually stated that one of the best ways to make a website popular and rank higher in organic traffic. But this can’t be possible for every publisher, yet some publishers can also improve their website ranking and traffic by devising a strategy for backlinking.
Networking opportunities

Backlinking provides a chance to build a better network, resulting in more meaningful collaborations. Backlinks are framed by interacting and initiating conversations with publishers of your industry.

How PowerAdSpy Operates & Why is it the Best Reliable Tool ?

We all know that nothing is constant in world marketing one of the precise methods to stem your foot securely is to keep yourselves updated and always sneaking into the ads tactics.

PowerAdSpy changes the game for those doing e-commerce or wanting to start the search for all google and other ads going to any Shopify, magneto, store in seconds. Explore the most trending products, engage the audience, and funnel to replicate and deposit on instantly.

Login into the PowerAdSpy dashboard with your credentials. By default, the dashboard will display Facebook, but you will have the options to choose from like, Google ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, GDN ads, Native ads, Reddit ads, and Quora ads.


In the search panel, you will get numerous options to add the keyword/advertiser/domain.

Step1: Domain – Domain searching filter gives you the option to search by the domain name. You can click the domain option you will get the two add-on filters. Firstly, search by domain name, and the following will be the Ad Text which lets you search through the ad text.



Step2: Advertiser- Next search option is the advertiser, where you can search the ads based on the advertiser’s name. Here, again you will get two options- advertisers and ad text.


Step3: Keyword- The third searching filter is the keyword which on clicked comes with three options-

Keyword – Let us search the ads’ respective keywords in which you are interested.

Landing Page text – Let search by the option of the landing page text.

Target keyword- Search the target keyword that orients around the target audience where you will get the list from all around the world.


Below the search panel, there are two options of filters and lander properties describe as follows;

#1: Filters – This option lets you search the advertisement by following options; Search ads by country, Ads type, and Ad sub position.



#2 : Lander properties – Under lander’s properties there are more filters to let you search your ads more precisely.

Ecommerce platform – Shopify, Magneto, Woo Commerce and click a blank.

Funnel- Click Funnels, Lead pages and any.

Marketing Platform – Google Marketing platform, Kenshoo, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Branch, Neurostar.



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Wrapping It Up

Although we all wanted organic traffic as the priority, there is no harm in getting the desired traffic from another website. Yes , you need to keep your backlinking games on the top. Also, we hope that the tactics we have mentioned in this blog will surely help you reach out to the desired traffic.

In simpler terms, referral traffic visits occurred to your sites from another site and are known by HTTP. So what do you prefer for your site: the organic traffic, the social paid traffic, or referral traffic. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below, I would love to hear them.

Good Luck!