Pinterest Ads : Why Do Businesses Need It ?

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Pinterest Ads : Why Do Businesses Need It ?

Pinterest is the most welcoming platform for innovative minds and seekers of creativity. The platform that makes pinners treasure is the unbranded, innovative minds, creative content, and ideas the platform offers. It is a new active track route for growth and one of the unique platforms for businesses and brands to privilege their social media marketing approaches with Pinterest ads. 

Pinners are head over heels with the platform perspective towards the crisp and creative ideas shouted as the discovery platforms. Advertising on the platform offers awareness and consideration from 250 million active users in the early stages. 97% of the pinners say they have tried new things they found on Pinterest, versus 70% on other social media platforms.

So, what are Pinterest ads and their benefits for the business? How to use Pinterest,extend the online audience and boost traffic, awareness, and sales. We will cover every minor detail about Pinterest and the ads in the upcoming section.

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What are the Pinterest Ads?

what-are-pinterest-adsPinterest ads are the way for brands and businesses to promote their offerings on the platforms known as promoted pins. Promoted pins based on the user interests, past activity, and website actions are part of the marketing approach. 

Pinterest is the best bet for the marketing approach due to its deadly combination of search engines and social media. 

Some of the benefits to promote ads on Pinterest;

  • Boost brand awareness 
  • Improve reach, traffic, and sales 
  • Pinterest search 
  • Pinterest Ads Cost 
  • Pinterest Analytics 
  • Beneficial in content marketing 
  • Ads strategy for marketing

Brand Awareness

Promoting Pinterest ads is an efficient way to boost brand awareness and recognition online. It’s perfect for branded content ,and diverse ads, ideas and topics of brand to the users worth the reach and engaging with the up-to-date subject is a significant benefit for Pinterest ads.

Improve Reach, Traffic, and Sales

Pinterest offers high-quality visuals and content that attracts more traffic and landing pages while improving brand awareness, traffic, and sales. Utilizing Pinterest ads offers a constant peak of online traffic, reach, and visibility for the businesses and brands.

Pinterest Search


The Pinterest search engine operates as a discovery tool and serves the content they like and the viable method for long-term appearance. Users can search and find diverse pins on the Pinterest platforms; 

  • Visit the Pinterest profile 
  • Searching through relevant keywords 
  • Search pins through multifarious categories

Pinterest is an ironic visual-based search engine for its users compared to Google images. High-quality visuals and content are more effective than other social media platforms.

Pinterest Ads Cost

Business profiles on Pinterest are free to create and post pins unlimitedly. Cost of organic reach and analyzing the production of the content and managing it will surely cost you. 

To reap the best out of the Pinterest marketing on the platform is the most paid. Cost per click (CPC) or Cost per mile ( CPM)

Pinterest Analytics

The Pinterest platform offers the inbuilt analytics tools to unleash the potential and existing interest of the audience. Audience insights let the users analyze audience interest, demographics, and the larger target audience. Apprehending the interest of the target audience assists in producing more successful content and making the post more engaging and best serving.

Benefits In Content Marketing


Pinterest gives advertisers and marketers to create user-appreciated content to build better marketing approaches. Content marketing on the Pinterest platform is the most preferential way to engage and attract users and drive reach, traffic, and engagement. 

Pinterest is excellent for any content marketing approach due to its preferential visual platform to enhance content distribution strategy. Content marketing is the best and researchable through keywords, interests, and boards to provide a long-term traffic generator to your business.

Ads Strategy for Marketing

Strategizing and planning the approaches for the advertising on Pinterest are core possibilities for the advertisers and marketers. Analyzing the platform involves the five elements and campaigns aims;

  • Brand perception 
  • Increased views 
  • Traffic 
  • Conversions

We are discussing some of the tactics to emphasize before strategizing the Pinterest ads strategy;

  • Prefer upto 25 keywords relevant to your brand and the ad itself.
  • Choose the high-quality visuals in the correct format of 2:3 and video up to 15 seconds. 
  • Analyze the budget and schedule, and care about the rules.
  • Add the accurate call-to-actions to analyze and test the ads whether they are serving you the best.
  • Evaluate the data for the Pinterest ad manager and optimize accordingly.

Pinterest ad approaches and the types will conclude what ad format and types of Pinterest ads;

Promoted Pins


This type of Pinterest pins in the home feed and search results are similar to the regular pins. The uniqueness of the promoted pins is when the user clicks on the ad and redirects it to the landing pages. Promoted pins appear in the home feed. However, the difference is they are boosted and targeted to gain more reach and engagement.

Promoted Carousels

Promoted carousels consist of two to five images to swipe through. It’s more like the multi-added images resemble the pins and behave similarly.

Pinterest Video Ads

Instead of being static images, it is replaced with the dynamic one (video), as the promoted pins appear in the home feed, search results, and more like this section.

Buyable pins

They are designed to be shoppable and called the shop the look that allows the pinners to search and shop the products directly.

Story Pins

One of the features with select business accounts is the story features up to 20 pages of images, text, and links. Story pins can be saved, unlike other pins. It appears in the user’s home feeds with a cover image and title.

Search for the best serving Pinterest ads can be a daunting task because researching and analyzing the ads that will work under your niche and marketing plans. 

Taking the count of the competitor analysis while planning the marketing approaches attracts opportunities and boosts the growth of the business.

PowerAdSpy unleashes the unlimited power of searching and analyzing and allows the creation of winning ads instantly. It is one of the first and most comprehensive software, compatible with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, GDN, Native, Reddit, and Quora ads 50 million ads listed, over 100+ countries, and 50K ads added daily.

PowerAdSpy allows to ; 

  • See all presently live and past social media ads that are already a winner in any niche. 
  • Analyze the competitors targeting countries, groupage, genders, marital status, etc. 
  • Examine exactly where the ad traffic of the winner is diverting.
  • Search, analyze and replicate the winner for the business with easy and few clicks.
  • It allows analyzing the winning ads of other local businesses in any niche within seconds. 
  • It allows growing the email list fast by showing the text ads, funnels, and targeted audience of any advertisers, keywords, or domain, replicate and develop the email list.

Let Us See How To Search Best Performing Ads Using  PowerAdSpy: 


1.Once landing on the dashboard. There are social media platforms for ad searching options, filters on the right side like Create request, invite friends, watch the tutorials, Twitter share, copy URL and book a demo.



2.To find the relevant ads, add the advertisers, domain, and keywords under your niche. As the keyword “clothing”, it showed the list of advertisements with the keywords.


3.By default, it will show the Facebook ads relevant to the keywords, it also searches for the other social media platforms, just a simple and you got the treasure of worldwide ads. 

4.PowerAdSpy has a diverse filter option that allows users to have the precise and desired list of ads in seconds. The filter options are Search by, Sort by, Filters, and Lander properties.

Additional options are, Sort by, an ad seen between, post date between, and domain registration date.  

It is the best Pinterest ad spy tool you can use to analyze your competitor’s ads on Pinterest.

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Are Pinterest Ads Effective?

Effective Ads on Pinterest benefits include diverse ways to improve the brand awareness, reach, and online presence and analyzing the data in-depth for their audiences. Platform provides users a variety of opportunities to reach their target audiences looking for new ideas. 

Growing the business with paid ads or organically, Pinterest offers a forum for the marketing strategies. Social media platforms have infinite opportunities to reap all the benefits implementing the right ad is the best bet for the marketing approaches. 

I hope you like this article and need what you are looking for. PowerAdSpy is the best bet for marketers and advertisers to search, analyze, and show ads worldwide. Replicate and monetize the ads that serve the business. Try PowerAdSpy today!