YouTube Statistics For Your Upcoming Marketing Strategy 

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YouTube Statistics For Your Upcoming Marketing Strategy 

Since the time YouTube has been launched, it has become very popular around every corner of the globe. At present, this platform is considered to be the no.1 platform for sharing videos, tutorials, series, and many more. The launching year of YouTube was very profitable because just a year later, it used its 100 million views over the videos and more than 67k + uploads of the videos daily.

And, the YouTube stats area was also found to be very profitable to the users and the people owning a business. This provides a platform to share the content with a large size audience through YouTube channel stats.

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People often use YouTube for so many reasons like reviews, tutorials, entertainment, news, and many more. So let’s understand how to track YouTube analytics? and YouTube video stats or YouTube channel stats utilization and the methods to check stats on YouTube? To appropriate it for your benefit. Let’s discuss some of the points.

YouTube Statistics For Growth Trends

It has been observed that YouTube has seen a drastic increase in its growth rate in the year 2016 and also in the year 2021. Calculating the YouTube stats for growth, it would be 13% in 2016 and around 4.9% growth rate in the current year 2021. This is because there are many YouTube users across the world, and the majority of them use it daily.

Also, the estimate is to witness more growth in the upcoming year 2022 as well.

The YouTube growth between 2014 and 2019 has seen a major 40%growth in every passing second, mesmerizing.

This has caused the population to consume the video format content as it shows more growth in YouTube channel stats or YouTube video stats.

In the previous quarter of 2021, YouTube has witnessed more than 912,000 streaming on the various channels of the YouTube gaming live platforms. This made YouTube a leading platform which is the majority actually, more than 90%of the share of users.

YouTube Channel Stats For Usage

It is understood that it is important for any business to have better PR communication to sell products or services and build an effective network. This can be assisted by the intelligent track YouTube analytics of the YouTube video stats of it. And, it is to be estimated that this will become the major growing platform assisting for improved and enhanced PR communication for the people in upcoming years.

This is due to the reasons mentioned here –

  • 18%+ users use YouTube for all kinds of entertainment purposes.
  • 7%+ users are using excellent YouTube statistics
  • 8%+ users of YouTube use this stay connected with their close ones.
  • While around 37% of users are using YouTube as the source of news.

Do so many women watch YouTube channels video analysis or videos like how to check stats on YouTube? Or beauty tutorial channels etc. This field also has a huge user base, according to the track YouTube analytics.

Track YouTube Analytics For Marketing


YouTube has witnessed a rapid increase in the previous five years, even though it has shown a good increase in YouTube video stats for influencers marketing. This has grown as the 5th most popular channel/platform after the other social media like- Facebook, Instagram, linked in, and Twitter.

This was a major achievement for the YouTube stats after the apple advertisement in the year 2020. And after apple, another advertiser for the YouTube stats, the YouTube channel stats, or the YouTube video stats. This enables the user with their channels to release their confusion from how to check statistics on YouTube?

Many marketers claim to increase the marketing budget, especially for YouTube for efficient YouTube channels analysis or YouTube video stats, or to track YouTube analytics.

This led to an increase in the original content on the YouTube platform.

Content Removal On YouTube Video Stats

Many videos have been removed from the YouTube platform in 2021, as many videos had misleading, spam, scam-related content. The previous year has also witnessed the removals of around half of the videos, which had almost zero views on their content. In addition, there is the removal of the YouTube stats for certain content due to child safety reasons and spam content, which is not appropriate as per the rules and regulations of the platform.

YouTube Stats For The Viral Content Or Related Videos


Who doesn’t know about the 9-year-old Ryan kaji, the top-level earner from YouTube worldwide, having an approximate bearing of about 29.5 million? He is not the only young earning member but had medium earnings compared with the other top YouTube earners around the world.

This all depends upon the YouTube video stats or the YouTube video analytics. In fact, in the previous year, 2020, everyone is aware that the BTS Korean channel has become one of the fastest-growing channels on the YouTube platform, with more than 101 million views in 24 hours. These viral videos make the channel grow faster and faster, yielding more subscribers with the YouTube states for the viral videos.

YouTube Stats For The Popular YouTube Channel Analytics Accounts:

Considering the popularity of the accounts is based on the YouTube video analytics and the YouTube channel stats. and if one tries to find the answer, how to check YouTube stat? Talking about the popular channels on YouTube is for beauty and the related content for both men and women.

YouTube tracks highly popular content such as tutorials, makeup tips, grooming tips, clothing hauls, and product recommendations through its channel analytics site. The most popular YouTube channel for the same is LEGO, whereas the second most popular channel is Vat19 and IDJvideos TV having views in billion.

Also, in terms of music, there are so many most popular channels, like the Indian music channel T-series having around 169 million subscribers according to the day of the 20201 January month.

In terms of the movies also YouTube statistics analysis for YouTube movies to be a good subscriber base such as around 131 approximate million subscribers gaming channels are also very popular in the YouTube platform where the leading gone to YouTube gaining according to the YouTube statistics analytics it is pewdiepie having 107 million subscribers user base. Moreover, it was recognized as the most popular music partner by the universal music group in 2020.

Benefits Of YouTube Video Analytics

There are so many benefits for understanding the YouTube video analytics, or the YouTube channel stats, as the YouTube stats. This will help the YouTube content creators understand the how-to check YouTube stats b and the YouTube stats understanding will help formulate the marketing strategy.

These tactics with a better analytical approach will be fruitful if properly executed to thrive in the YouTube platform. YouTube is very popular for the makeup, retails, products industry as these types of content usually witness the very high engagement.

Engaging with a strong strategy can be fruitful as it has the potential to convert users into clients. Also, SEO is there for the YouTube swell, but traditionally, SEO used to function for YouTube stats SEO functions differently.

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Wrapping Words:

YouTube’s immense popularity as the leading video-sharing platform has revolutionized content creation and marketing strategies. Understanding YouTube analytics is crucial for content creators and businesses to tailor their approach effectively.

Tools like Poweradspy provide invaluable insights into advertising trends and competitor strategies. By harnessing these tools and insights, creators and businesses can optimize their content and campaigns for maximum impact and engagement, ultimately driving growth and success on the platform.