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06 YouTube Analytics Metrics You Should Know In 2024

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06 YouTube Analytics Metrics You Should Know In 2024

Have you ever checked the performance of your uploaded videos? Who is watching your videos?

Being a YouTuber, this information is essential. Optimizing this information can help you to create even better videos. And better videos can get you more viewers and can grow your business.

Are you wondering how to get these answers? No worries, it is possible through YouTube analytics.

In this guide, you will learn how to measure YouTube channel analytics with some of its metrics.

Let’s dive right in!

The very first thing that generally comes to mind is why to choose YouTube over other social media platforms. Let me explain.

With 2 billion monthly active users and more than 120 million daily active users, YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the web. And trust me, more than 1 billion hours of videos are watched by people around us on YouTube every day. So, it is the best platform to achieve success in the online marketing business.

Now let’s understand YouTube analytics.

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What Are YouTube Analytics Metrics?


YouTube analytics metrics are a set of data points and statistics that provide content creators, marketers, and channel owners with valuable insights into the performance of their videos and overall channels on the YouTube platform. These YouTube ads measurement metrics help creators understand their audience, assess the effectiveness of their content strategy, and make informed decisions to improve their channel’s growth and engagement.

How To Make Use Of YouTube Analytics?


Effective use of YouTube Analytics is essential for content creators and channel owners to understand their audience, improve their content strategy, and grow their channels. Here are steps to make the most of YouTube channel Analytics:

Access Your Analytics:

    • Log in to your YouTube account.
    • Go to your YouTube Studio dashboard.
    • Click on the “Analytics” tab on the left-hand sidebar to access your channel’s analytics data.

Understand Key Metrics:

    • Familiarize yourself with the various metrics available in YouTube channel analytics.
    • Understand what each metric measures and its significance for your channel performance.

Set Clear Goals:

    • Determine your objectives, whether it’s to gain more subscribers, increase watch time, boost ad revenue, or improve viewer engagement.

Audience Insights:

    • Use demographic data to understand your audience’s age, gender, and location.
    • Tailor your content to cater to your audience’s interests.

Content Performance:

    • Analyze which videos are performing well in terms of views, watch time, likes, and comments.
    • Identify patterns and topics that resonate with your audience, and create more content in the vein.

Audience Retention:

    • Pay attention to the audience retention graph to see when viewers drop off during your videos.
    • Improve your content by addressing drop-off points and keeping viewers engaged throughout.

Traffic Sources:

    • Determine where your viewers are coming from, such as through YouTube searches, suggested videos, or external websites.
    • Optimize your content and promotion strategy based on these traffic sources.

Experiment and A/B Testing:

    • Try different video formats, titles, thumbnails, and upload times to see what works best for your audience.
    • Use YouTube analytics to compare the performance of different approaches.

How To See YouTube Analytics?


To access YouTube Analytics and view the performance data for your YouTube channel and videos, follow these steps:

1 Log in to Your YouTube Account:

    • Go to the YouTube website and ensure you log into the Google account associated with your YouTube channel.

2 Access YouTube Studio:

    • Click on your profile picture or channel icon in the top right corner of the YouTube homepage.
    • From the dropdown menu, select “YouTube Studio.”

3 Navigate to the Analytics Tab:

    • In YouTube Studio, you will see various tabs on the left sidebar. Click on the “Analytics” tab.

4 View Overview Data:

    • By default, you’ll land on the “Overview” page, which provides a summary of channel performance.
    • Here, you can see key metrics such as total views, watch time, subscribers gained or lost, and revenue (if monetized).

5 Explore Specific Reports:

    • To dive deeper into your analytics, use the left sidebar to explore specific reports. You can click on various sections like reach, engagement, audience, and more to access detailed data related to those aspects.

Let’s talk about YouTube analytic metrics to grow your channel.

06 Most Powerful YouTube Analytics Metrics 


1. Subscriber count metrics:

The subscriber gets a notification of the updates on your channel so that can see, like, and share the content. It is the difference between a viewer and a subscriber. It is the subscribers on which a YouTuber depends for maximum views.

Subscriber count report can show you your list of subscribers after every video. You can analyze which video makes more subscribers because the subscriber lost and the subscriber gained metrics are self-explanatory.

2. Watch time metrics:

Watch time is essential for viewers to get suggested videos from YouTube. Every video gets views in normal. But in this digital era, engaging viewers for a longer time is possible only if the content is of higher quality. The average watch time for a video is different from the views a video gets.

The estimated minutes watched is a metric that monitors the average time a viewer watches on a channel. Similarly, the average view duration is another metric that measures the average length of a video in seconds. It also informs you about the segment where the viewer dropped off. According to this information, you can create high-quality content that will attract viewers for a long time.

3. Audience reach metrics:

Through audience reach metrics, you can analyze the views that your video has received, audience reach, and traffic. You can also monitor where this traffic comes from. You can only talk about the reach and impression we got from the pictures, text, or any content shown on the user’s screen.

For better reach, you should optimize your channel with the interest of your subscribers and then try to drive views and clicks.

4. Audience retention metrics:

By analyzing audience retention metrics, you can monitor how long your videos retain viewer attention, pinpointing where they drop off. This insight reveals content quality and areas for improvement. Implement calls-to-action at drop-off points to enhance engagement and consider using video editing apps for content enhancement, expanding your audience reach.

5. Click-through metrics:

Click-through metrics are used to monitor audience reach. It calculates your viewers out of your impressions. It is a card click-through rate placed in a video that pops up at a time interval to prompt viewers to click on it to know more about the content. It is a customizable panel that will show you which card gets the maximum clicks and measures the rate of interaction.

6. Source of traffic metrics:

These traffic metrics allow you to see where the traffic is coming from. It also monitors the viewers who take various steps to get your videos.

Here, you can get information on the following: YouTube search
External sources
Channel pages
Browse pages
Suggested videos

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At The End:

Congratulations! You have learned a lot about YouTube analytics. Along with engagement, time, viewers, and reach, you can also watch the performance of your videos and grow your channel.

And as I have said earlier, YouTube is one of the best social media marketing channels. It is the king of videos, where videos drive the majority of internet traffic.

So which of the metrics you found the best? Please share your views below in the comment section. I feel glad to hear from you!