Google Ads Competitor Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide

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Google Ads Competitor Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you finding ways to increase traffic toward your web space or business? Or are your existing advertisements on Google ads not giving the results you expect, and your competitors are getting ahead of you? Or are you a complete novice when it comes to running ads on Google? There is a way called Google Ads competitor analysis that can help you.

Don’t worry! In this blog, we will teach you all about Google Ads and guide you to efficiently analyze your business competitors’ ads and how to improvise your plans from what you learn. You will know what steps are required to perform a proper study and how to formulate strategies based on the results obtained.

This article also contains information about all the tools and methods involved for the same. Let’s get you started on the ways to improve your Google competitor analysis and help you get ahead of your competition.

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Understand The Basics

Before getting to the part of Google ads competitor analysis, you need to brush up on your basics.

In any business, it is important to promote its products and services properly so that their existence is known to the consumers. For this, there are various ways to advertise. However, at present, the latest and the most predominant way of marketing consists of using websites and social media platforms. Every person at these times has mobile phones in their pockets, and almost all of them are either browsing on the internet or using social media platforms in one way or another.

Each platform boasts its own dedicated tools for advertising. Google offers Google Ads, facilitating ad campaigns across its diverse suite of apps and products. Facebook relies on the Facebook Ads Library to manage ads across Instagram, Facebook, and Threads. Likewise, Pinterest utilizes Pinterest Ads, while X has its proprietary X Ads platform.

In this blog, we will focus on Google Ads. Furthermore, you will also learn about Google competitive analysis and Google ad spy tools used so that you can plan and place your ads strategically to get the most out of your investments.

What Is Google Ads And How it Works

Google Ads is a PPC (pay-per-click) platform by Google where business owners gain the ability to run their ads across all Google ad networks and apps like Google Search, YouTube, etc. It’s very effective in driving relevant traffic to desired websites by showing ads in banners or as suggestions when people search about anything or view any content on YouTube.

Google Ads have an advantage over other platforms as people may or may not use any specific social media platforms. But almost all people use Google Search to browse the internet, where via Google ads, you can easily insert your ads in the form of Google Search Ads as well as other third-party websites that have agreed to run the Google Ads.

But before running your advertisements, you can always look at what your Google Ads Competitors are doing and then decide on your next step. One such ad spy tool is PowerAdSpy.

Types Of Google Ads

Knowing about the types of advertising options Google provides is necessary for Google ads competitor analysis so that you can come up with proper strategies relevant to your requirements to advertise your business.

Google Search Ads

In the search engine results page, Google search ads are placed above organic search results. These ads are displayed based on the relevant keywords contained in the user query. They will always contain the word “Ad” before the URL.

Attached below is an example of Google SERP, which shows the paid results in the first half and then organic in the bottom part.

Google display ads

Google Display Ads is used to run advertisements on the extensive collection of third-party websites and apps that are part of the GDN ( Google Display Network).

The Google Display Network contains over two million websites and applications that are used by almost 90% of internet users. Google Display Ads come in various formats: text, image, video, or rich media.

Ads of a particular brand or service are shown to customers differently according to their demography, or the same ads are shown to the same customer for remarketing purposes. Remarketing is when a customer has already visited the target website, and the same brand’s ads are shown to the customers again. Advertisers do this to keep the brand name in mind and redirect them toward the brand in the near or distant future.

Google Ads competitor analysis guides ad creation, keywords, and bidding strategies. It reveals competitor tactics, enabling better audience targeting and ad optimization tips for higher relevance.

Google shopping ads

Google shopping ads appear on the Google Search result page as small tabs and on the shopping tabs as well. But in Google shopping ads, you can’t insert keywords. Instead, you will maintain a list of products, and Google will cross reference with the query or searches of the users and will populate the shopping ads relevant to them. This will lead people to the landing pages of your business.

YouTube Ads

Google owns YouTube, and thus, Google Ads is used to run ads on the platform. On YouTube, ads can be in video, text, or image formats, and ads appear during and before the videos and on other areas of the screens. The operating procedure of YouTube ads is similar to Google display ads, as it selects the audience according to their past activities and search histories.

Strategies To Apply For Google Ads Competitive Analysis Using PowerAdSpy


PowerAdSpy is an advanced AI Google ads spy tool that can help you in Google ads competitor analysis, completely analyzing the ads running by your competitors on different platforms. There are different strategies you can use for different types of Google ads. Continue below and get the strategies you can use and how PowerAdSpy can help you with that.

Perform Competitor Keyword Analysis

Google Search ads work on the linking keywords. You can perform keyword analysis by searching manually on Google about the industry or products you’re involved in. From here, you can get an idea of the keywords and content they are using. You can use this information to understand and develop content better than rival businesses.

However, by using ads spy tools like PowerAdSpy for Google ads competitor analysis, you can get to know the keywords and contents used by the competitors in their ads simply by searching the keywords or industry and getting the result on your dashboard without much hassle of searching manually for every product.

The option to filter the results based on demography, target audience, business niche, and many more will help you to gain knowledge about new competitors, which were, in hindsight, using the same keyword or targeting the same audience and niche.

PowerAdSpy will find competitors ads and show you the engagement your competitors are getting for specific keywords. Study and analyze whether the new keywords will be useful for you. These will save you a lot of time as you don’t have to perform A/B Testing for your ads.

Strategize Your Ads Budget Properly

Google Ads have a lot of exposure, which can be an advantage or disadvantage based on how you see things. Massive exposure gives you a wide range of people to market your products or services. But another aspect of this is the chances of displaying your ads to irrelevant audiences.

As Google ads is a pay-per-click platform, if Google Displays your ad to an irrelevant audience, it will not be able to convert them to visit your landing page and would only be a waste of your money and resources. Therefore, it is important to perform a proper Google ads competitor analysis.

Using PowerAdSpy, you can get all the details of how many competitors are Bidding for the exact keywords. You can also use this information to estimate approximately the Google ads cost of your ads. Google ads cost varies on factors like location, type of industry, geographic location, quality score, and many more.

Win Google Ads Auction

When you create a well-thought-out and planned budget for your ads, your next focus should be to win Google Ads Auction. To win auctions, you have to optimize your bid amount and Quality Score. A High-Quality score with your max bid amount will place your ad in a better position.

Quality score depends on your CTR (Click-through rate), the relevance of keywords to its ad group, landing page quality, relevance of ad text, and historical Google account performance.

CTR is when people click on your ads when they see them on any website. When your ads are good enough to attract people and make them click on them, your CTR will improve. With a good CTR score, Google rewards you with Higher ad rankings and lower costs.

Above mentioned will look hectic, but when you use PowerAdSpy’s Google ads competitor analysis function, it will be very easy for you.

To improve upon the quality score, you have to make your ads relevant. This is easily achievable when you know how your competitors are performing by viewing their:

  • Ads content
  • Ads keyword
  • Demographic targets
  • Type of ads
  • Bidding
  • Placement of ads
  • Timing of ads
  • Landing page quality

Some other features of PowerAdSpy are:

  • Available for all ad platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X, Pinterest, etc.
  • Monitors all of your ad campaigns from a single dashboard.
  • Provide performance of your ads and your competitors’ ads.
  • Perform Ads research based on location, industry, demography, and many more.
  • Reduce A/B Testing time and budget by providing you with a starting point with current trends and strategies of your business’s niche.
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Summing It Up

We hope this article has helped you gain insights to perform Google Ads Competitor Analysis properly and to create competition-worthy Google Ads. Improperly targeting your ads and lacking relevant keywords in your niche can lead to significant expenses due to low click-through rates (CTR).

Conversion of ad viewers to website visitors needs a lot of research and planning, which happens when your ad’s content, text, and placement are perfect. In this process, ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy, an intelligent ad spy tool, will help you to get the knowledge you need about competitors. When you have all the right tools and knowledge in your arsenal, nothing will be able to stop you from leveling up your Google Ads game and bringing your business to new heights of success.