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Facebook vs Instagram: The Better Platform For Advertisers?

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Facebook vs Instagram: The Better Platform For Advertisers?

Facebook vs Instagram, which one is better? The debate keeps going on and on and on. 

Facebook and Instagram are the two social media platforms that permit the most engagement and, as a result, can produce a significant return on investment.

You are aware of how popular Facebook is, without a doubt. Although social media was initially developed to help people remain in contact with friends and family, it now allows businesses to advertise to their target customers.

In contrast, Instagram is a relatively new site. Everyone is welcome to use Instagram, a visual storytelling platform launched in 2010. After its debut, it swiftly gained popularity and, as of 2017, has 800 million members globally. This includes artists, famous individuals, young people, businesses, and others.

Both platforms are excellent for advertising. However, would it be better to launch your social media campaign on one or both?  Together, let’s find out!


Benefits Of Running Ads On Facebook

Before we crown a winner for Facebook Vs Instagram, let us go through the individual benefits of advertising on each platform.

Facebook Is The Most Popular Social Media Platform

Nearly 2.7 billion people use Facebook making it the most popular site overall. It’s essential to take this seriously, given that your target audience probably uses Facebook.

People Of All Age Groups Use Facebook

Facebook is used by 76% of those between the ages of 18 and 24 and 79% of those between the ages of 30 and 49. In addition, 46% of those 65 and older use the network. This vast range and diversity in demographics make Facebook an excellent choice for your advertising platform. 

Facebook Has A Plethora Of Efficient Ad Features

Facebook provides advertisers with perks ranging from the ability to retarget your audience to the creation of lookalike audiences and different ad formats, measurement tools, and targeting possibilities.

Facebook Is The Most Visited Platform

74% of Facebook users check-in at least once every day. This amount exceeds the total daily Instagram users. This shows a considerable chance that people on Facebook will see your advertisement. 

Facebook Is Used By Both B2B And B2C Companies

Running Facebook adverts has another benefit: it is not just for B2C businesses. Facebook is used by all B2B and service-based companies. In conclusion, your target audience is probably on Facebook regardless of who they are.

Benefits Of Running Ads On Instagram

Instagram Has A High Rate Of Engagement

The typical rate of engagement for sponsored Instagram posts is 3.5 percent. This is greater than Facebook’s engagement rate. Furthermore, brand interaction on the network is ten times higher than on Facebook. Such a rate of participation aids in the development of stronger client connections. As a result, ad effectiveness may improve.

Instagram Has Great Organic Functionality

Instagram’s capacity to assist you in naturally growing your business is a crucial benefit. If you do it properly, you could gain followers, admirers, and recommendations via word-of-mouth, all of which will assist in raising ad conversion.

Instagram Users Purchases A Lot Directly From The App

There is a great difference between Instagram vs Facebook users. One-third of Instagram users have purchased the app. In other words, there is potential for increased ad conversion on the app since consumers consider making a purchase.

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads: Costs

For many businesses, the cost of placing advertisements on these platforms can be a deciding factor. So, let us now decipher the cost of running ads between Facebook vs Instagram.

Facebook advertising is expensive. The cost of running Facebook advertisements could well be determined by a variety of factors, including the Ad target, the kind and quantity of bidding, the audience, the Ad quality, and Your industry, even though the average CPC and CPM are just $0.27 and $7.19, respectively.

Instagram advertising is no less expensive either. The cost of advertising depends on various factors, including your audience and ad response, even though the average CPC (cost per click) is $1.41 and the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is $7.91.

Is promoting on any of the two platforms worthwhile, given the potential costs? It is, indeed.

Both Facebook and Instagram ads could offer a high return on investment. However, you must be clever in your ad production and selection between Facebook vs Instagram to avoid going bankrupt with social media advertising.

If feasible, appoint a professional to create and manage your social media strategy. If working with a professional is not an option, you may always invest in an effective ad intelligence solution to help you fulfill your advertising goals. 

PowerAdSpy is one such sophisticated Social Ads advertising analytics tool. Continue reading to learn more about PowerAdSpy and how it may benefit your marketing initiatives.

Should You Advertise On Both Facebook And Instagram?

The answer is that it depends.

Facebook has a larger audience, but Instagram’s following is more engaged and likely to make purchases. What is appropriate for one platform may not be appropriate for another. This is also true in the instance of Facebook vs Instagram.

If you’re forced to choose a course of action due to a lack of funds, pick the platform where your audience is. Facebook marketing is more effective for reaching a large audience than Instagram ads.

Similar to this, you also need to consider other things like Instagram being a visual-first platform. At the same time, Facebook is a community-focused platform because the two websites demand distinct messages, etc. 

Remember what we said about PowerAdSpy earlier? Let’s get into it properly now. 

Grow Your Advertising Campaigns With PowerAdSpy



PowerAdSpy is one of the best tools for improving your ad campaign. PowerAdSpy is an ad intelligence service that allows you to view and evaluate your competitors’ advertising. 

PowerAdSpy can significantly enhance your Social Ads and advertising campaigns. It can uncover undiscovered niches and lucrative prospects for you, saving you the time and effort of creating content, defining campaign targets, specialty research, and more.

Let us go through some of PowerAdSpy’s most notable features.

Get Access To The Most Popular Ads In Your Niche

PowerAdSpy assists you in locating and evaluating your rivals’ top-performing adverts on the platform and learning what else you can do to get an advantage over them.

Find The Greatest Classified Ads From Around The World

PowerAdSpy can obtain the best-classified ads from over 100 countries and choose the best Ads in a short period. The app database is continuously updated with new and exciting ads and appealing ad data worth analyzing.

Search Personalization

PowerAdSpy can help you find Ad content based on specific criteria such as targeted keywords, areas, price, and more.

Ad Bookmarking

You can save advertising that is related to your niche with PowerAdSpy. It allows you to create new and enhanced adverts for your business or brand.

Detailed Analytics

PowerAdSpy enables you to study every element of the advertisements you select. As you become more familiar with these, you will be able to appropriately evaluate the advertising and choose the best type of advertisement for your reference.

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As advertising on Facebook and Instagram is expensive, managing your ad campaigns effectively is essential if you want to maximize your advertising budget.

If you have a flexible budget, you may pick either, but if you don’t, choose the platform that best suits your requirements between Facebook vs Instagram.

While the Facebook vs Instagram debate will persist for a while, we hope that we have given you enough information about both of them to enable you to make an informed choice about your advertising campaigns.