How to Get Facebook Ads Spy Tool for Free

  People spend more than 50 minutes on Facebook, and this statistic is growing each day. Credit   Marketers make constant efforts by making creative ads to catch the attention of their audience on Facebook.   As we had discussed in our earlier post, Facebook ads are known to work and generate a good number […]

Top 7 Facebook Ads Spy Tools to Find Competitor’s Facebook Ads

With a booming community of more than 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook is no more just a social networking platform. Marketers understand how important Facebook is for any marketing campaign, and so, there are around 50 million businesses, trying to get a foothold in the Facebook community.     The competition in every niche […]

Facebook Ads Research Tips & Ad Spy Tools for Best Performance of your Media Buying Campaigns

Are you struggling to get organic visitors to your website through Facebook? So, you might be considering investing in Facebook ads? You are not alone. There has been an exponential increase in the Facebook’s advertisement revenue from 2009-2017. Credit You can’t argue with numbers. The figure shows that marketers are increasingly investing in Facebook ads. […]

PowerAdspy – The Ultimate Ad Spy Tool For Affiliate Marketers

For the Affiliate Marketers, it is very critical to run varied offers, plan landing pages and to have an Advertisement copy which delivers them great outcomes to the extent traffic and engagement are concerned. As a true Affiliate Marketer, you regularly take the road of the split testing by trying different things with various Advertisement […]

7 Tactics For Creating Successful Social Media Videos

For the very first time in 2013,  video was released on Instagram. Today, each and every social media platforms is loaded with videos. With so many videos available, nowadays the social media users do not get easily impressed as they were when the first video was uploaded. A low-quality video, as well as posts that […]

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