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14 Ads Creative Ideas To Get Started In 2022

Do you spend hours on generating ads creatives

Chances are, you are not getting a good amount of click-through rates. Then it is time to get ready for some research on the topics listed below.

  • Competitive research.
  • Most compelling creative research.
  • Market research.

Competitive Intelligence tools for ad research- PowerAdSpy is a competitive intelligence tool for social media ads. Knowing what your competitor is posting online (specifically ‘ads’) is a superpower. 

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Role Of PowerAdSpy In Ads Creative Research


You will get to see how your competitors scale their social media ads, which creatives work best with their audiences, and what the top-performing ad format is. With PowerAdSpy, you can check out your competitor’s ads. And decode the strategies behind their top performing ads to improve your social media advertising technique.

Try not to get overwhelmed! Because PowerAdSpy is more than what it seems.

PowerAdSpy lets you check the ads of your competitors, see what they are talking about, and decipher their social media advertising strategies.

The PowerAdSpy dashboard helps you evaluate the ad creative ideas of your competitors. 

Would you like to get updates on a particular brand or niche?

Would you like to get updates on a particular brand or niche?

In PowerAdSpy, you can create a list of keywords and brands to get regular updates on their ads. PowerAdSpy will search for these keywords on social media and will round up the ad database.

PowerAdSpy has records of all-new creative ads in real-time, even if they expire quickly. Finding new creative is easier now that did not show up in Facebook Ads Manager or other platforms.

It is how PowerAdSpy helps. Cool, right?

Essential Requirements For Every Ads Creative


To get started with generating creatives for your upcoming advertising campaign, you need to learn some of its basic rules before you begin. Every creative is a piece of art. They pitch possible leads and also deliver a message that is loud and clear.

All ad creatives obey some rules. They are not written anywhere but are mandatory if you are here for the long run.

  • Make high-quality images and videos.
  • Precise and appropriate Color Choice.
  • Proportionate the elements you use according to the resolution of the creatives of videos and images.
  • Include a Call-To-Action button.
  • Leave empty spaces in the ads creative to make it seem breathable.
  • Add the logo in the corners of imagery creatives and the appropriate frame of the video ads.
  • Add a compelling copy of not more than two lines in the imagery creatives; because more words in the ad can hamper its boosting.
  • Are you running your ad campaign on social media? Then it is mandatory to have an apt caption along with your creative ads.

Importance Of Creative Display Ads


According to research, people like to consume visuals rather than read anything. As per Neil Patel, there is a polar comparison in the proportion of people who read books while who watch movies or anything video or image.  

We can assume that more than 70% of people like to watch video or imagery stuff rather than read anything. And this estimated value is increasing year by year. The attention span of people is shrinking, and of course, no one has time to stop.

Gen Z is most affected and is most addicted to the visual stuff. And this trend means you need to modify your pitching strategies as per your audience’s interests. We do not have the luxury of time, so making people stop at your ads creatives is a big milestone to achieve. 

Stand out from everyone in the crowd.

It means- Being creative and bold is the answer.

Shiny object syndrome is real! We tend to lose interest every time we see something better. That is why visual advertising in the market is so vicious. 

Well, there is nothing you can do to avoid getting caught up in the rat race. However, you can raise the bar of competition every single time. But the real question is, How to get creative with ads? 

Let us explore!

How To Get Creative With Ads


The answer lies in another question. Have you ever considered thinking like a child? If not, then you have a long way home, my friend! 

I constantly admired the thought process of kids from kindergarten. They are so creative that any grown-up can have inspiration from them. Well! Coming back to the topic, getting creative with ads requires you to have quality research on your audience profile and a little bit of human psychology.

Sometimes, minimal ads creatives seem to be more impactful than the ones which are filled with extra details. But still, no one knows what will work for their audience. Companies think they have it all figured out. However, no one can tell if the audience will convert into leads or stay being the admirer of the creativity.

But, anything that matters is, you choose to do right by your audience. Pitching anyone requires you to get creative with reflecting their needs and requirements. 

For example, if you are running a campaign for selling a life insurance policy, you need to pitch the sentiments of your buyer and convince them it is the best for their family or organization. 

On the other hand, if you are selling a vintage car, you cannot pitch your buyer’s needs. You have to entice them with the ideas of their status symbol. It is all about ego marketing. 

The same strategy will go with anything that is related to appearance and personality. 

However! Each time you have to get creative with the pitching strategies.

Here is how you can do it.

Relate your brand with the upcoming event or festival

Relate your brand with the upcoming event or festival.

Use the copy on which words have thoughtful meanings

Use the copy on which words have thoughtful meanings.

Get minimal and impactful

Get minimal and impactful.

Let your audience decode the message for themselves

Let your audience decode the message for themselves.

Use optical illusion techniques in your images

Use optical illusion techniques in your images.

Do not be afraid to be bold

Do not be afraid to be bold.

Humor your audience using trends relating to your brand

Humor your audience using trends relating to your brand.

Use pop culture and entertainment industry snaps to deliver your message

Use pop culture and entertainment industry snaps to deliver your message.

Leverage memes

Leverage memes.

Use angles and perspective to showcase the true meaning of your ad

Use angles and perspective to showcase the true meaning of your ad.

Use the environment to its advantage

Use the environment to its advantage.

Use the most attention catchy sarcasm

Use the most attention catchy sarcasm.

Creatively use your brand product

Creatively use your brand product.

Get punny

Get punny.


 Ads Creative: Clarity Is Creativity


On a concluding note, I must include that it takes a lot more than being only creative. Your ads will work on the audience if you have developed and nurtured the connection with them. You have to make peace with the fact that not every creative ad is an effective ad. 

Creativity is useless if your audience is incapable of building a relationship with the message you are delivering. Being to the point is the second most crucial factor that makes your audience look at your ads twice. Being creative and compelling is still the first.

It is crucial to be clever with choosing every element in your ad that depicts the message without saying any extra word. Remember, the best pitch is sentimental pitch, whether it is expressing care, pride, ego, logic, or anything. Your ads are a conduit for your audience to relate themselves with your brand. 

Your buyer must picture themselves with the products and services that you offer. It means your ads should be clever enough to trigger their needs and wishful sentiments. 

At last, creating effective ads creatives and making connections with your target audience is everything. So, keep advertising and let us know your opinions on creative ads in the comment section.


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