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Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Non skippable Ads

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Everything You Need To Know About YouTube Non skippable Ads

We all know that Google is the place to search whenever we want to know about anything. Google has become a synonym for information in the minds of people. They trust it without any doubt. 

Similarly, when people want to see videos regarding something, they search for them on YouTube. It has a similar impact as Google, but for videos. 

You will all agree that most of us go and watch videos on YouTube about everything, from watching vlogs, comedy skits, and game streams for entertainment to studying, researching scientific videos for information, and sometimes spiritual videos.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform with over 800 million videos and more than 37 million channels. From this, we can predict how big this video-sharing platform is. It has videos of everything, along with over 2.5 billion monthly users from all around the globe.

If you watch videos on YouTube, you must be familiar with ads that play before, in between, or at the end of videos. These ads generate revenue for both YouTube and the creator whose video has an ad.

There are many other types of ads, but today in this blog, we will tell you only about YouTube non skippable ads and YouTube ad spy tool.  

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Let us know more about,

What Are YouTube Non Skippable Ads?



YouTube non skippable ads are the ones that don’t have the option to skip after a determined duration. These ads run entirely for 15-20 seconds and sometimes even more, and then only you can continue to watch your YouTube video.

Non-skippable YouTube ads are efficient as they fully catch the viewer’s attention. Viewers will have to watch the entire ad, and then only they can continue on YouTube. 

These ads help to deliver the message of brands very clearly. They are designed to catch attention and drive viewability and engagement. With guaranteed visibility, brands can use them to create brand awareness, increase engagement, and connect with potential customers.

Specifications Of Non Skippable YouTube Ads: –



YouTube non skippable ads should generally last 6–15 seconds for maximum impact because a viewer will get bored seeing a non-skippable ad longer than that. Here are some specifications for these ads:

  • Video Resolution: The video resolution should be 480p minimum to 4k maximum.
  • Format: MP4 or MOV is preferred.
  • Video Length: The ad video length should be between 6 and 15 seconds, and maybe 30 seconds on YouTube. Since viewers cannot skip these ads and need to watch them fully, these ads are shorter than other ads, which helps to avoid the frustration faced by viewers.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9 or 4:3
  • Text: The text in the ads should be within the safe zone defined by YouTube norms; this will enhance text visibility.
  • Call-to-action: A compelling call-to-action (CTA) will improve engagement rates.
  • Sound: The sound should be clear and of very high quality.

Benefits of YouTube Non Skippable Ads: –

This kind of ad lays down many benefits, including:

  • Higher viewability: 76% of users skip YouTube commercials that have the option of being skipped. That’s why non-skippable ads are starting to get popular among marketers. Non-skippable YouTube ads ensure that the entire ad is played on the screen. It increases brand awareness and viewer engagement by ensuring the audience’s exposure to the advertisement’s content.
  • Engagement: As many people have watched the unskippable ad, they can recall the brand. It helps potential buyers engage with the brand.
  • Remarketing: It helps to remarket to an audience familiar with your brand.
  • Better targeting: Non-skippable YouTube ads, as a type of YouTube targeted ads, can target accurate audiences based on their behavior, likes, and demographics.
  • Demonstrating the entire story to the audience: As you cannot skip this kind of ad, a brand can convey the message it wants the audience to know.

Despite having these benefits, it has disadvantages too. Firstly, users will find it annoying if your advertisement is irrelevant to them because they can’t skip it. It can damage the brand image. The second disadvantage is that these ads are more expensive than ordinary ads. Keeping a balance between merits and demerits is the key to keep in mind while building your advertising strategy.

How Do You Set Up Your YouTube Non Skippable Ads?



Following is the step-by-step guide to setting up these ads:

  • Setting up the campaign:

  1. You will start by going to your Google Ads account and selecting the feature – create your campaign.
  2. You need to choose your objective; you can select it for brand awareness and reach, app installation, traffic generation, and many more. In the campaign type, select the video option.
  3. Till now, all things were the same as skippable ads, but now you need to choose the option of YouTube non skippable ads.
  • Choosing the campaign strategy:

  1. Choose the goal according to your preference; goals can be cost-per-view, cost-per-acquisition, maximizing conversions, and many more. Choose the correct bidding strategy after analyzing your campaign objectives and goals. Also, give your campaign a name.
  2. You can choose your target audience type—their demographics and languages. It will help you recover your ROI, as the target audience is potential buyers.
  • Generate your campaign:

  1. After completing all the above steps, add your ad video, CTA (call-to-action), and other requirements.
  2. Examine your ad and publish it.

Best Practices For YouTube non skippable ads: –



The following include YouTube ads best practices:

  1. Keeping it short and sweet: Keep your ad short as it is non-skippable, so the viewer will not get frustrated seeing a 15-second non-skippable ad. Also, keep the message straight to the point.
  2. Optimizing ads for mobile viewing: Users across the globe use YouTube on mobile devices, so optimize the advertisement so that the visuals, text, and framing of the ad on smaller screens are equally engaging.
  3. Strong calls to action: CTAs are essential because they can attract viewers’ interest in the advertised goods or services. The CTA should help the viewer get directed to the brand’s site or other places it wants potential customers to reach.
  4. Engage viewers: Engage the viewers quickly within 5 seconds with some hooks or anything; this will help to make the non-skippable ad relevant to the viewers. It can improve brand awareness and then sales.
  5. Specifying the audience: Specifying your target audience, their language, demographics, and age will help you get your money spent on ads back in terms of sales.
  6. Attractive visuals and text: Including attractive visuals and appealing text can help to increase user engagement. It will also result in boosting your ad’s watch time.

Because trends change so quickly, it’s critical to stay up to date on the most recent trends. Use ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy to find patterns and enhance your advertisement.

PowerAdSpy: The Wizardry Of Marketing:


PowerAdSpy is powerful advertising intelligence software that allows users to discover, analyze, and monitor online advertisements across various platforms. It also serves as a YouTube ad spy tool, as it helps YouTube marketers analyze and discover effective and trending ads in different niches and categories. It enables marketers to get insights into their competitors’ advertising strategies, enabling them to learn from them and optimize their ads better.

With the help of this, a user may access a database containing thousands of YouTube advertisements from various niches, evaluate their effectiveness, identify their target market, and find out what trends are followed by their competitors.

The following features tell us more about how useful it is for advertisers and marketers:

  • Database: It provides access to a database of various YouTube ads according to different categories. You can take inspiration from these ads, analyze their performance and strategy, and identify trends. It will help you optimize your own YouTube non skippable ad for better results.
  • Straining: It helps you strain out ads from different categories according to ad type, target audience, location, and language. It saves time in finding competitors’ trending ads.
  • Analyzing performance: It gives access to the database of various ads; through it, you can see the advertisement’s view count, conversion rate, and engagement. It helps while creating ads to follow things from high-performing ads.
  • A/B testing: This is a great feature that helps to test the ad styles and tell which style will perform better. It can help to test different ad creatives and formats.
  • Examining competitors: Using PowerAdSpy, you can analyze the advertising strategies of your competitors. And determine the advantages and disadvantages of their marketing. Later, this can help while optimizing your ad.

PowerAdSpy is a game changer for marketers; if talking about YouTube, it can help advertisers create high-engaging YouTube non skippable ads. It helps to analyze competitors’ strategies and target audience, catch market trends, and find inspiration.

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Conclusion –

Unskippable YouTube ads are efficient as they ensure higher viewability than ordinary ads; they can create brand awareness and reach. Potential buyers get attracted as people will know about the brand, which they would not if they had to skip.

But sometimes, YouTube non skippable ads can irritate and frustrate a user if they aren’t relevant to the user. Advertisers must balance the pros and cons of it when building their advertising strategy.