Target Competitors: 06 best Strategies For Competitive Advertising

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Target Competitors: 06 best Strategies For Competitive Advertising

A little competition in business is fair! When we want to grow our business, the first thing that we focus on is customers. In business, we need to understand our customers and their needs so that we can provide services and products that will fulfill their requirements.

For this, we go for advertisements. It is one of the best ways to reach people. Digital advertisements blow away money, but it gives us hope to get positive results in return for promoting our business.

Some people may or may not click on the desired action, but some people will buy from you. They are the customers of your competitors.

In this post, you will get some valuable information like how you can target competitors and their customers, how you can use their budget with some strategies to create competitive advertisements across multiple channels.

So, scroll down to grab the information without thinking much.

What Is Competitive Advertising?


Every business has its competitors. They always try to improve their niche in comparison to their competitors. They try to make better ads to attract customers to their products.

So, advertising your products in a better way to have a better impact on your customers as compared to your competitors is known as competitive advertising.

How To Target Competitor’s Budget?


Now the most interesting point is using your competitor’s ad budget to promote your business. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. When you target customers of your competitors, it is similar to using the marketing budget of your competitors. Your competitors have spent a lot on advertising campaigns and promotion of their business to convert customers to their leads.

But you are targeting those customers without spending a penny. It is like stealing their business out under them. Isn’t this exciting? Try once if you are thinking of a start-up. And then you can also take the ideas for how to do competitive advertising later in the post.

How To Target Competitors?


Well, with an interesting topic, let me show you interesting points which will help you, target competitors.

Targeting competitors’ customers is not a difficult concept. You are aware of them. You just need to show them the bright side where they have selected the dark.

Just remember that when your business is similar to your competitors, you don’t need to work hard to drag their customers’ interest towards your business. You just need to message them correctly. They will show interest in your business and give responses to your messaging.

So, here we can conclude that if you present a finer alternative in front of your competitor’s customers, they will switch their interest.

Now let us see the strategies to do competitive advertising to target competitors and attract their customers.

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06 Best Strategies To Do Competitive Advertising Across Multiple Channels.


As I have already said, advertising is the best way to reach customers and grab their attention to your business. So, we need to have some strategies to make this possible. We will cover the best 06 strategies here.

1. Bidding On Competitors Keyword With Google Ads.

Through this, you can have cheap but high-quality clicks on your Google ads. You can target the keywords of the brand that perform the best, or relevant search by the customers.

These keywords are also in the final stage of decision-making by the people. Here you can get higher value converted customers who are well known for the services.

We can also go for showdown campaigns where we can compare our products with the products of the competitors by calling them in the ad headline and redirecting them to the showdown page. It is also a bid strategy best practices that works. In this way, you can also drive new businesses.

2. Target Interest Of Competitors Customers With Facebook Advertisements.

It is known to all that Facebook with its billions of active users has the best targeting abilities. This ad platform is the best way to target the customers of your competitors. You need to research the interest of targeting customers so that you can create a better ad and deliver them.

Keep in mind that you cannot target the customers of your competitors directly on Facebook. However, it is easy to target big brand competitors or with similar interests. Just mention the name of a competitor’s fan page in your interests section.

For example, if you are making ads for the local body essentials shop, you can target people who have an interest in the pages related to Nykaa, Purple, or My glam.

This is not the exact way to target competitors, but you will get an approximation.

You won’t be able to target your competitors having small businesses. What you can do is go to your competitor’s Facebook page and research the interest of the customers. Go to their profiles and try to grab their attention towards your business. Now add them to a spreadsheet to find their interest.

Keeping this information in mind, you can generate custom audiences who target people that align with your competitor and your business.

3. Target Custom Audience Of LinkedIn.

Just as Facebook, you can generate custom audiences to target people who have interests and skills or present in groups similar to your competitor’s services and products.

You can target people based on location, age, gender, job title, etc. but here you need to add marketing in your title ads to show the clients.

4. Create Better Video Ads Than Your Competitors On YouTube.

Want to place your video ads before competitors’ ads? It is possible with the YouTube ad placement option.

If the video ad of your competitors allows monetization, you can place your video ads in front of your competitors.

So all you need to do is create videos that are relevant to your competitors which the customers won’t skip. If you create even better video ads than your competitors, viewers might ignore their videos and watch yours. So leverage the ads of your customers and try to create relevant ads.

5. Target Competitor’s Followers On Twitter.

Twitter where 50% of its active users follow brands and 67% of people do purchase from these brands. Twitter is another platform where you can target your competitors. People here interact with the business on Twitter.

So, create an advertising campaign with a goal and landing page. When you create a campaign according to the interest and need of your audiences, you are more likely to get them converted to your customers.

Steps to do this:

1.  You need to target audiences based on their profile bio, interest, followings, and keywords. On Twitter, you can get ads that provide the name of the user based targeting.

2.  Download the follower’s account of your competitors. You can use tools that are available in the market.

3. Now add the username in the section of tailored audience targeting. Accordingly, create ads.

From the ads, I got to make you know something which will not only help you create better ads but also help you to make your advertising campaign.

It is not easy to find ads in your niche with varieties. But yes, you can find them with the help of an ad management tool called PowerAdSpy. Let me explain to you in a few lines.

Advertising is now easy with PowerAdSpy!


PowerAdSpy is the most powerful competitive analysis tool. It will adequately improve your social advertising campaigns. It can find ads relevant to your searches by removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying your advertising campaign targets, your niche, and more.

Features of PowerAdSpy:

1. It can research through as many ads as you like and analyze which will perform well in your niche to the best conversation.

2. It allows you to visit the live ad post directly from the platform to have a crystal clear visibility of ads analytics.

3. It has the fastest-growing data with millions of ads in over 15+ countries so far. Thousands of ads are added to their dashboard daily.

4. It searches your ads based on your keywords.

5. You can bookmark the ads which you would like to use in your upcoming ad campaign.

These are some of the features of PowerAdSpy. There are many more which you can have a look at on its official website. So do not forget to install PowerAdSpy to experience the best advertising campaigns.

Wrapping words:

Well, it was a long article with a lot of valuable information. You should consider this information in your upcoming ad campaigns.

Have you decided which Amazon these strategies you are gonna use in your upcoming ad campaign? Do comment below in the comment section. Also do not forget to share your ad campaign experience. I would love to hear from you!