6 Marketing Tips To Splash Your Brand This Holi 2024

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6 Marketing Tips To Splash Your Brand This Holi 2024

In India, when any festival is around close, we always start our prep beforehand and never fail to amaze, whether we talk about Holi, Diwali, Eid, or any celebration.

And when we talk about the Holi celebrations, it is the celebration of colors, joy, happiness, and much more.

People enjoy playing this colorful festival with their friends, family members, and even with unknown people, irrespective of their social and financial status.

As we know, the date of the festival is coming closer, and marketers are also getting eager to utilize this as a good marketing opportunity and promote their business in the most effective way.

One of the most effective forms of promotion is social media advertising. It not only helps marketers to increase their brand awareness but also grows audience engagement on their platform.

However, on this Holi, while marketing on social media, you need to be proactive by not giving any chances to your competitors. And also, make sure to get an upper hand while creating your Holi marketing strategies. Learning from that, you can really improve the performance of your own campaigns and fill the void your competitors left in their campaigns.

Ok…But how to do it?

Nowadays, many brands spy on their competitor’s social media ads. It helps them get better analysis and know what’s working best in the market. 

By using a tool like “ Poweradspy “- The Best Ad Intelligence Tool in the market, you can easily check on the essential information and insights of your competitor’s Holi ad campaigns without much hustle.

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How Poweradspy Can Help You Search For The Best Ads?


Poweradspy! It is the best Ad intelligence tool that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to looking for the best ads your competitors are running in your specific niche. What are the deals they are offering? Also, What content do they include in their ads? What kind of audiences are they targeting? 

Its intuitive dashboard comes with a lot of features that let users watch successful social ad campaigns. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

You can be able to search for Ads using a domain name, a specific keyword.  Furthermore, you can funnel ads with respect to likes, views, shares, comments, or location. Moreover, you can bookmark your favorite Ad and later utilize it to get a clue for your advertising campaigns.

This Holi 2022, brands have leveraged by catching the genuine essence of the celebration. With Holi drawing closer, colors and conversations have already started sprinkling across individuals’ Facebook feeds. In the past two weeks, millions of individuals in India have made over a million posts and comments about Holi on Facebook. 

Presently ad intelligence tools like Poweradspy fetches all ads from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Linkedin. Which offers you a plethora of opportunities to market your product. With the assistance of its epic feature, you can easily follow your competitor’s top-moving hashtags.

How do Brands make out opportunities from festivals?


The celebration of lively tones carries with it tomfoolery and skip around clubbed with music, dance, desserts, and so forth. Additionally, individuals are cognizant about skincare with coconut oil or olive oil, washing away old stains of contrasts, or spreading social awareness, brands have generally approached and shared the message to the crowd.

That is where brands capitalize and create ads that pass wishes on to their consumers as well as advance lovely greeting messages. 

For example : 

  • Surf Excel “ #Rangachhehain ” campaign
  • Parachute “ #KhulKeKheloHoli “ campaign
  • Nyka “ #HoliHungama ” campaign
  • Cadbury “ #Kuchmeethahojaye “ campaign

Marketing Tip To Splash To Your Brand This Holi In Social Media

  1. Understand the celebration


If you wish to promote your products around Holi, you really need to understand the celebration by heart. Holi is viewed as a religious festival that leaves an impression on anybody visiting or carrying on business in India during the festive time. 

Individuals will review these celebrations by seeing photos solely because Holi is absolutely for amusement or Fun. Brands already started splashing colors along with herbal colors, skin care products, sweets, and so on.

Let us assume you own a cosmetic business, and you may want to promote your product to reach a higher number of individuals. Use Poweradspy to look out for the best ads running nearby your business. Imitate the same for your products such that your customers get awestruck and make them think to choose you over any other brands.

  1. Think Like a Buyer

Quite possibly, the best way to promote your product is to comprehend your customer’s persona, brands effectively try to fascinate their customers with their best promotion strategy. So select your marketing mottos cautiously. In the time of memes and trolls, don’t comprehend your brand punchline that individuals will take it contrastingly that could work contrarily with regards to the position of the brand.

In this way, think according to the perspective of the buyers and the way that your products can associate with the market. Rather than reminding the customers, you are awesome, modify the brand punch line with some creativity relating to the festivals. Use influencer marketing strategy for focusing on the larger part of a specific audience.

  1. Consider new ideas


Constantly use your marketing approach to give more motivation to your customers to pick you over others in this combative market. Don’t follow the stride of your competitor, bring a few new contemplations that can place you in a superior spot.

Grassroot community commitment makes the biggest difference, and there you need to ensure that you offer something significant. Think about Holi advertising thoughts by the big brands. In the time of Holi, the Indian diaspora is profoundly associated with one another regardless of whether they can’t make it genuinely; they attempt to send their greetings all around the globe. Also, think about promoting your business online on social media with new and engaging social media posts ideas.

In this way, attempt to connect, draw in, and reverberate in making brand reputation. It is likewise an extraordinary method for creating brand harmony where your customers naturally promote your products through word of mouth.

  1. A Solid Promotional Message


During Holi, individuals center around spreading affection and satisfaction. If you want to make your own spot in the core of individuals you should attempt to do likewise. Try not to utilize negative words except if it bodes well for your customers. Allow the audience to charm the enthusiasm of the celebration.

Recall your audience, as they will look at your marketing approach with different eyes. And help you to strike into cultural insights that go past stereotyping that will immensely affect the market naturally. It is likewise an incredible chance to market new upcoming products that can awestruck your audience this Holi.

  1. Foster a relationship with the audience


Buyers are smarter than you suspect. They watch content from everywhere on the internet. In this way, except if you make something veritable and unrealistic to draw in quality customers who can promote your brand. Make sure your promotion techniques are very intuitive so your customers can draw in with them. Enlist top influencers in a specific niche who has their set of audience and can create quality brand-driven content.

Take help from an influencer marketing platform that can arrange one such campaign to draw more customers to Holi. Remember not to stick to the stereotypes, give the “Tag A Friend” choice, hoping they will assist you in branding your product all around the internet. This way, you can build a relationship with your audience, which is pivotal for a successful business plan..

  1. Use the voice of influencers


The force of influencer marketing isn’t obscure any longer, presently almost every brand is choosing this technique. They are prepared to spend the overall marketing budget on influencer marketing which implies they have an affirmative chance of getting outcomes.

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Regardless, if you are a big brand or just started with the business, you can undoubtedly accomplish certain heights. Influencers are well known for their solid voice. If they wish to promote your brand in a unique way. You flawlessly draw in more audience.