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The Best 8 Benefits Of Google Display Ads

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The Best 8 Benefits Of Google Display Ads

Online advertising is essential to stay relevant and boost your business in the present business scenario. Digital ads, especially- Google display ads benefits, are numerous. Google offers various ad options like search, display, video, shopping, and in-app advertisements.

Among these, display ads are popular, acting like internet billboards for your business on the Internet. When planning your marketing strategy, starting with Google display ads is wise.

With the AI power of Google, these ads are placed strategically near related content, making it super easy to reach the target audience at the right time. They help target specific audiences, increasing your online presence and promoting your business effectively.

But before learning about their benefits, it is crucial to understand what Google display ads are. So, let us comprehend it first.

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What Are Google Display Ads?

Google display ads are pictures or videos that show up on websites, apps, and videos within the Google Display Network (GDN). This network is massive, with over 2 million websites worldwide. It’s the largest network of its kind.

Google display ads benefits are many- you can showcase your brand to people as they browse the web, watch YouTube videos, play games on their phones, or use Gmail. Google display advertising lets you create both text and non-text ads.

These ads can feature high-quality images, videos, and animated content. Different ad formats help your ads grab attention and make your brand more well-known.

Having learned about what is Google display ads, let us now discover the benefits of using them for your marketing campaign.

Benefits Of Google Display Ads:


Google display ads are like internet billboards that promote your business. Google uses AI to place these ads near relevant content so that the right people can see them at the right time.

When planning your digital marketing strategy, it’s smart to begin with Google display ads. Here are the eight Google display ads benefits:

1. Boost The Sales Of Your Product Or Service:

The main goal of any marketing campaign is to sell more of a product or service. Thankfully, Google display ads are known to help companies make more money. In fact, as of 2021, people who click on online ads are 50% more likely to buy something. It can boost your business and help it grow fast.

Even if someone doesn’t buy from your website the first time they visit, there’s still hope. Google display ads can remind them about the products or services they looked at on your site.

About 35% of users buy something within five days of searching for it on Google. So, display ads with pictures will likely stick in their minds and make them want to purchase from you.

2. Create Better-Quality Leads

Leads are essential for sales, as they provide valuable information about potential customers that you can utilize to turn them into paying customers over time.

Google display ads and Google analytics are linked, which is a detailed platform that gives your team vital data to identify and target your ideal audience. Google analytics helps you track which ads have the highest clicks, helping you determine which campaigns and products are the most successful for your business. It is one of the best display ads benefits.

The tool shows you when, where, and why users visit your site and automatically updates financial data for display ads. It helps you understand your return on investment (ROI) and cost per click (CPC), allowing you to adjust your budget effectively each month.

3. Access Large Audiences:


The primary Google display ads benefits lies in its ability to reach a vast audience across the Google network. The display network includes over 2 million websites, blogs, YouTube videos, apps, and Gmail, allowing for large-scale advertising.

Unlike the search network, where ads only appear on Google search result pages, the display network boosts reach to approximately 90% of internet users globally.

This broad reach is especially beneficial for businesses seeking to enhance online visibility and connect with a larger audience and is thus considered to be one of the many Google display ads benefits.

Google ads can sometimes be challenging to create, especially when you want the desired results. Other times, you don’t have the inspiration to craft the best ad creatives that reach out to your desired audience. Here, taking assistance from an ad spy tool can be beneficial.

With the assistance of an ad intelligence tool like PowerAdSpy, you can get ad insights from the successfully running ads of your competitors and create ad creatives based on them.

Let us learn about this powerful tool and understand how it can benefit marketers.

PowerAdSpy- Stay Ahead Of The Competition With Ad Intelligence And Ad Analytics.


PowerAdSpy stands out as the premier ad analytics tool, specializing in dissecting the intricacies of online advertising, including Google display ads.

This user-friendly tool empowers marketers with unparalleled insights into their competitors’ strategies, unveiling the secrets behind successful Ads.

Some of its most beneficial features are:

Ad Monitoring:
PowerAdSpy enables users to monitor and track advertisements running on Facebook and Instagram. It includes observing creative elements, ad texts, and targeting approaches utilized by competitors.

Search and Filter Options:
You can search for specific ads or filter ads based on keywords, creative formats, engagement metrics, and more. This functionality simplifies discovering relevant and effective ads within the platform.

Ad Performance Analysis:
Using this tool, marketers can track various performance indicators of their ads, like engagement, likes, shares, comments, and ad spending. By studying these metrics, marketers can identify which ads are most successful in attracting audience attention and achieving results.

Audience Targeting Insights:
PowerAdSpy often offers details about the demographics targeted by specific ads. It helps marketers understand the audience segments that competitors are focusing on and helps analyze the Google display ads of your competitors easily.

Filtering by Ad Format:
Users can typically filter ads based on their format, such as image ads, video ads, carousel ads, etc. This feature helps marketers understand which ad formats are used most commonly in their industry.

For individuals striving for a competitive advantage in the ever-changing domain of online advertising, PowerAdSpy emerges as an essential Google display ad spy tool. It helps decipher the tactics utilized in Google Ads, enabling marketers to make well-informed and effective decisions in their advertising endeavors.

4. Reduced Cost Per Click:

The Cost Per Click (CPC) you pay for each click on your Google Ads is one of the most important factors to consider when managing your advertising budget. High CPCs can quickly deplete your funds, while lower CPCs can attract more clicks and boost brand recognition.

Compared to Google Search Ads, the Google Display Network offers significantly lower CPCs. For instance, a carpet cleaning company might pay $4-5 per click for a keyword like “carpet cleaning near me” in search ads but only around $0.05 per click in display ads.

This vast difference means you can get many more clicks on display ads for the same budget as one click on search ads, making Google Display Ads an excellent choice for advertisers with limited budgets.

5. Multiple Targeting Options:


Google Display Advertising offers various targeting options to reach your desired audience effectively. Contextual targeting displays ads on websites related to your keywords, while placement targeting lets you choose specific websites or pages for ad display.

Remarketing reconnects with past visitors to encourage them to return and make a purchase. Interest-based targeting focuses on audience interests, while topic targeting shows ads on relevant subject pages.

Geographic, language, and demographic targeting further refine ad placement based on location, language, age, and gender preferences. With these various targeting methods, you can understand that display ads are highly beneficial.

6. Enhance Brand Recognition:

A well-known marketing rule says that people usually need to see an ad at least seven times before they buy something. Luckily, Google is great at getting your ads seen.

Their Display Ad Network connects with 90% of people who use the internet worldwide and attracts more than 210 million visitors each month in the United States alone. It is an immense audience! While social media ads might seem appealing, Google should be your first choice because it has the widest reach.

With Google display ads, you can reach more people and get the most out of your marketing budget, making them a smart choice for any digital marketing campaign.

7. Different Types of Google Display Ads:

Google Ads offers three sub-types for Google display ad campaigns with an option to upload ads.

Standard display campaign allows you to create responsive display ads with personalized options and targeting. You can upload images and videos, craft catchy headlines and descriptions, and use high-quality images.

Smart display campaign, suitable for those who have run search campaigns before, automatically optimizes targeting for conversions without manual adjustments.

Gmail campaigns lets you create ads that appear above Gmail emails, similar to standard display ads but tailored for Gmail’s interface. They offer targeting and bidding options like other campaigns.

8. Performance That Can Be Tracked:


One of the many Google display ads benefits is that it provides comprehensive reports on your ads’ performance. These reports include metrics like clicks, cost per click, impressions, conversions, and more.

By measuring these results, you can determine which ads are successful and where your traffic is coming from. It allows you to assess the effectiveness of your Google Display Campaign and make informed decisions on how to enhance your ads.

In essence, measuring your campaign’s success helps you understand what works well and enables you to make improvements for better results.

These are the display ads benefits of Google display networks. Let us now learn about the drawbacks of Google display networks.

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Disadvantages Of Google Display Networks:


Just like anything else, Google Display ads too have their downsides. While there are numerous display ads benefits, there are also certain drawbacks to consider.

Here’s a brief overview of the most troublesome ones:

Lack of Control Over Ad Display:

One major drawback of the display network is that you can’t control where your ads appear. While Google tries to match your ad with relevant sites, it’s not always accurate.

It means your ad might appear on inappropriate sites, which may harm your brand. You can exclude some sites manually, but with millions of websites, it’s impractical to check them all.

This lack of control could reduce the number and the quality of visitors your website gets from the ads.

Inability To Refine Your Audience Settings:

Another downside of the Google display network is the difficulty in targeting specific groups of people. Considering one of the many Google display ads examples, when selling microwaves, you’d prefer to target people looking to buy microwaves rather than those seeking information about how microwaves work.

It’s easy to do this on the search network by adding “buy” to the keyword. Yet, on the display network, it’s difficult to tell apart these groups and understand what they are looking for. As a result, your ad may get viewed by both types of users, which is not always effective.

Ads Might Not Be Relevant:

Apart from being unable to control where your ads appear, you also face the challenge of relevancy. Google attempts to match your ad with a webpage’s content, but it’s not always accurate.

Occasionally, your ad may appear on a completely unrelated page. Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix unless you manually exclude specific pages in your campaign settings.

If you want your ads to only appear on relevant pages, you may need to purchase individual banners on specific websites.

Concluding Words:

In conclusion, while Google display ads benefits are numerous like boosting sales, creating better-quality leads, and enhancing brand recognition, there are also drawbacks to examine.

These include the lack of control over ad display, challenges in refining audience settings, and the potential for ads to be irrelevant.

Despite these drawbacks, the utilization of effective ad monitoring and optimization strategies can make Google display ads a vital part of your digital marketing strategy.