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How Stock Market SEO Keyword Ranking Improved within 6 Months

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How Stock Market SEO Keyword Ranking Improved within 6 Months

The Problem

Company – Our client was concerned about the ranking and website traffic that would help them generate the leads for them.

Context – The stock market industry is a crowded business niche with many businesses trying to make it in the industry.

Problem Statement – To stand out and get recognized by our client’s target market, we needed to completely change SEO Strategy from the ground up and that took some serious planning from our end.


Challenges Deep-Dive 


Challenge 1 – Competition

Getting in eye of user as per competitions in stock market is really high and some of the real big names to outrank.

Challenge 2 – Keywords Ranking

Driven by its mission to consistently provide solutions across its target keywords 

Challenge 3 – Increase Conversion

Getting the right set of keywords ranked and users submitting the contact form.



Targeting Right Set Of Keywords : 

We started the campaign with optimizing our client’s website for search engines. This included making it load fast by getting rid of all the heavy website elements, making it mobile responsive and making sure that its user experience was top notch.


Solutions Deep-Dive

Solution 1 – Keywords Ranking:

The client was not targeting the right keywords searchers were actively searching for to find the services they provide on the web. We researched and figured out the best, high-search volume keywords

Solution 2 – Keywords Based Content:

Updated the entire website content and it’s meta structure based on those exact keywords to tell Google exactly what their business was all about and the location they served.

Solution 3 – Backlinks Creation: 

Reached out to Guest bloggers in Finance Niche and published our content on those websites with targeted keywords as anchor text. Worked on various backlinks process to boost keywords



Onpage-SEO – First Months Focus was On-page Optimization.

Keyword Research – Keyword Research and mapping those keywords to Landing Pages. 

Content – Content Optimization for Rich Snippets.

Backlinks – Link building campaign which included activities like pdf sharing, Quora submissions, company profile creation and web 2.0 pages creation.

Technical Website Analysis – Working Regularly for checking website issues with Search console.









Organic Traffic Increased By 38.87% In 6 Months