How To Craft Creative Carousel Ads For Social Media With Examples

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How To Craft Creative Carousel Ads For Social Media With Examples

Carousel ads examples showcase the art of blending eye-catching visuals, compelling content, and clever storytelling for social media. These ads enable the display of multiple images or videos in a single post, creating a richer, more dynamic narrative.

Engaging visuals and messages in carousel ads capture attention and tell a complete story within a scrollable format. This approach acts as a potent tool to highlight your brand or products, elevating your social media presence and forging connections with your audience.

But what is a carousel ad? We need to understand it properly before diving deep into the topic.

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What Are Carousel Ads?

Carousel ads, or carousel posts, represent a versatile advertising format across social media platforms. These ads seamlessly blend multiple images or videos into an impactful advertisement.

With the capacity to showcase up to 10 images or videos, users can effortlessly navigate through them on mobile or desktop. Carousels, incorporating cards, post sections, headlines, and link copy, consistently deliver superior conversions and heightened engagement compared to static ads, resulting in a noteworthy return on ad spend (ROAS).

Carousel ads examples abound on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, which introduced Carousel Ads for Businesses in November 2020.

Do These Ads Make Your Marketing Strategy More Effective?


Carousel ads examples have proven to be highly effective across platforms. Facebook advertisers note a 30-50% reduction in cost-per-conversions and 20-30% lower cost-per-clicks. On LinkedIn, engagement and click-throughs increased with the introduction of carousel ads. And you can get a better idea about it by going through a LinkedIn carousel ads guide.

Instagram reports improved advert recall with carousel campaigns, resulting in an average 2.5-point lift. Regardless of the platform, carousel ads offer a compelling return on ad spend, making them a valuable choice for advertisers seeking cost-efficient and engaging promotional strategies.

Now that we know how to create stunning carousel ads- let us learn how to use the various techniques to create them.

Creating effective ads is not always based on particular rules and guides that you can follow to create great ads. You also require proper ideas and inspiration to craft these ads

But what if you are out of ideas and do not have any source to take inspiration from?

Here, taking assistance from ad spy tools like PowerAdSpy can help you out. It can enable you to take a peek at the most successful running carousel ads examples and provide you with its metrics that can help you create similar ads and help your ad creation process.

So, let us learn something about this tool.

PowerAdSpy- The Best Ad Intelligence Tool To Help You Create Stunning Carousel Ads


With PowerAdSpy, you can learn about the strategies used by your competitors to create effective carousel ads. Analyzing carousel ads examples on various platforms helps marketers understand engaging content sequences, copywriting tactics, and visual elements.

PowerAdSpy enables advertisers to refine their carousel ad strategies by uncovering successful patterns, enhancing their creativity, and their campaigns’ performance.

It assists in creating effective carousel ads by providing you with:

  • Inspiration: Discover successful carousel ads from competitors and industry leaders.
  • Content Ideas: Analyze diverse carousel content to fuel creative concepts for your ads.
  • Ad Copy Insights: Understand compelling copy and CTAs that resonate with the target audience.
  • Design Inspiration: Identify visually appealing elements and design styles that engage users.
  • Performance Analysis: Gain insights into carousel ads examples that receive high engagement, helping refine your strategy for better results.

This tool has many other benefits that can help you in ad creation.

They are:

  • Filter By Ad Positions:

Utilize the comprehensive ad position filtering feature to conduct in-depth research on Social Ads. Segmenting ads based on positions such as News Feed and Side Location provides valuable insights into their performance for optimal conversions in your niche.

  • Complete visibility:

Gain complete visibility into ad analytics with PowerAdSpy. Access live ad posts directly from the platform to examine real-time engagement and gauge audience opinions on the ads.

  • Ad Data From 100+ Countries:

Access an extensive database of millions of ads from over 100+ countries with PowerAdSpy’s rapidly growing data. Quickly discover the latest successful ads with just a few clicks, as thousands of fresh ads are added to the database daily.

  • Bookmark The Best Ads:

Effortlessly bookmark promising ad concepts for future campaigns. Create a personalized Ads inventory with a simple click, eliminating the need to search for them repeatedly.

  • Powerful Search Algorithm:

Leverage the sturdy search algorithm to find the ads you need. Search for popular keywords, phrases, or terms within ads, and then sort the results by date, shares, likes, and comments to identify the most effective ads for enhancing your campaign.

Thus, PowerAdSpy is the most efficient display ad spy tool that you can use to get ad insights and create creative ads without wasting much time thinking about new ideas.

Let us now learn how you can create the most effective carousel ads for platforms on social media by going through some carousel ads examples.

Tips To Craft The Carousel Ads For Social Media Platforms

There are a few details to consider when creating a carousel ad to make it effective. In the following points, we have pointed out the vital points to help you create the most compelling ad creatives with carousel ads examples.

Crafting A Narrative Infused With Emotion:


Our brains process facts, but storytelling goes further by creating emotional connections and sparking imaginations. Narratives foster empathy, generating genuine interest and increasing the likelihood of customer buy-in.

Carousel ads portray the customer as the hero, adding elements of intrigue or happiness to attract clicks. Ensure each card links to a landing page, fulfilling the ad’s promise.

In the above carousel ad, Magna conveys the feeling you get when you check in at their hotels. You get a world-class experience that can be seen from the woman in the ad who enjoys the best of her vacation in various places with the best views every time.

The ad creative also tells how she travels from one destination to another, enjoying and feeling better each time due to her comfortable stay at Magna Hotels.

Alternatively, let customers share stories through user-generated content in carousel ads, offering tangible proof of your brand’s appeal. These approaches showcase the effectiveness of carousel ad examples.

Provide Proper Instructions On How To Do Something:


Carousel ads examples shine when visually demonstrating expertise. They excel in simplifying complex processes through quick tutorials, like curling hair or baking a cake.

This powerful tool concludes with the brand’s logo, reinforcing identity. Service-oriented businesses benefit by redirecting attention to articles, webinars, or appointments through a how-to lesson carousel. Each card seamlessly links to a landing page with promised content.

The above creative provides a recipe for making beautiful cakes at home. When someone interested sees the first image, he will start swiping, and then the carousel ad will lead him to the final page, and he will click on the links provided to learn how to bake a similar cake at home.

LinkedIn, for instance, showcases carousel ads, guiding users through lead form sign-ups and progressively presenting insights. Effective carousel ads examples abound in these approaches.

Highlight Your Top Products Or Featured Content:


Carousel ads examples excel in showcasing diverse products or articles, each linked to landing pages for purchasing or further information.

A technology-enhanced algorithm automatically picks the best-performing Facebook and Instagram products.

RayBan showcases its best-selling products in the above ad. By advertising its best-selling products, it creates a demand from customers and, at the same time, creates more conversions.

Pinterest recommends displaying up to five cards in an ad to maximize brand awareness, traffic, and conversions. Clicking on a card offers an immersive brand experience, emphasizing the need to enhance content without overwhelming the viewer.

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Utilize Top-notch Visuals In Your Carousel Ads Examples:


It is this unified impression and cohesive experience that makes carousel ads effective. Following Facebook’s carousel ad specifications, maintain an image resolution of 1,080 x 1,080 pixels, an aspect ratio of 1:1, and adhere to the 20% text limit.

Consistency in style and quality is crucial when incorporating visuals to avoid a disjointed appearance. A showcased mountain climbing carousel effectively maintains cohesiveness with high-quality images and a consistent style.

Opt for a panoramic carousel for a visually striking presentation, emphasizing the importance of thoughtful design in carousel ads. Make My Trip uses beautiful images of mountains to lure more customers into clicking on their website through their carousel ad.

Employ Ad Copy Thoughtfully:


Carousel ads examples showcase the value of accompanying text as a guiding tool through the carousel when used wisely. Effective ads adhere to concise text guidelines—less than 20 words in the post copy and a maximum of 5 words in the link headline, following AdEspresso’s Facebook carousel ad analysis.

Try offering incentives, conducting surveys, or asking users to swipe to increase involvement. The post copy, positioned above the carousel graphics, can be left blank to direct focus or emphasize the ‘why’ behind the product, aiding audience connection.

Consistency in messaging, tone, and visuals on landing pages is crucial for a seamless user experience, building trust aligned with Carousel Ad expectations.

Optimize Based On Outcomes:


A “set and forget” strategy is insufficient for carousel ads in social media advertising. Optimization is the key to improvement.

Tips to enhance your carousel ads include:

  • Keeping the carousel length between 3 to 5 cards
  • Testing different orders
  • Explore dynamic carousels on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Experiment with diverse CTAs like “Learn More” or creating urgency with “Now” options. Regularly monitor analytics to identify top-performing carousels and cards and be proactive in refining campaigns based on customer preferences.

These strategies are essential for effective carousel ads examples.

Concluding Words:

Crafting engaging carousel ads for social media involves using captivating visuals, storytelling, and design. Marketers can learn from examples to make ads that connect with people on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Carousel ads can evoke emotions and display products effectively. It’s essential to optimize ads based on results, adjust content, and test for the best outcomes consistently.

By using insights from platforms like PowerAdSpy, brands can improve their storytelling and make better carousel ads. It’s about using the dynamic features of carousel ads to tell stories that resonate with audiences and elevate the brand.