How to Purchase The Best Facebook Spy Apps – Here’s the List of Top 7

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How to Purchase The Best Facebook Spy Apps – Here’s the List of Top 7

Spying on the Facebook account of your competitors, friends or family members can be quite exciting.  This will include spying on everything that they have been doing so far on Facebook. Facebook spying includes many things like checking out conversations, messages, timeline posts, feeds, photos, videos and much more of those people whom you always wanted to spy on. Facebook messenger spy applications are more common these days, and you can use them to spy on your competitor’s Facebook activities.  You may be surprised to know that there are many ways to look into what your competitors are up to, with the help of a set of spy-worthy tools. If you are interested in knowing the Facebook insights of your competitors, in order to spy on their target audience and the services they offer, then it is high time that you must start using Facebook Ad Spy tools, that will help you achieve your targets in a short time frame.

Whom Should You Spy On?

Before you begin, you must have a clear idea about who your competitors are, and if you are not  really sure about it, then just check out those people who have set their target audience, similar to your niche. They would probably be the right people whom you need to follow or track.

What Are Some Common Features Of Most Popular Facebook Spy Apps?

GPS Tracker:

This is one excellent and important feature provided to you, and this will help you to track the location of the person whom you are trying to spy. You will be viewing the exact location of the person you are spying on. You can make use of this special feature in many ways. This feature actually provides you with many benefits like tracking goods, tracking people, find out missing people and much more.



This feature is included in most of the Spy Applications which allow you to keep track of all the text messages that you have sent on Facebook. So you can know what all conversations have been carried out and also about whom all your competitors have been chatting with.


This is one easy way to spy on all the incoming and outgoing calls. All the calls to and from the phone will be recorded on the basis of whether they have been dialled or received. This will help you to spy the Facebook messenger of the person whom you wish to spy. 

Call Recording:

All received and dialled calls will be recorded on a regular basis. So you will be able to check out all calls, without any interruption in the conversation. The calls will be recorded along with all necessary and vital information like date, time, personal details of the person like with whom the person has been having the conversation with and so on.


Social Chat Monitoring:

This is the most basic and a must have feature of any Facebook Spy App.This will help you to spy on all messages, chats or calls you make on the social Apps.

What Are The Benefits Of  Facebook Spy Apps?

Facebook spy apps for Android & iOS are actually being used by a wide range of people including Parents for monitoring their kids, employees to check whether their staffs are working well and for marketers to check out their competitor’s activities as well.

For parents, who wanted to spy on their kids, this can be a pretty good choice to try on, because this tool will help parents to track all call records, SMS and location of their children. Hence this will always give you a feeling that they are safe and secure.

Some use it for spying on their girlfriend or boyfriend, as to what all they are doing, to whom all they are talking, what data they have been browsing and what kind of SMS they are receiving. So such tools simply let you track another person’s activities with ease.


You can know the exact location or position of people, so use this feature to track or record where people are. This will help you to track people, no matter where they go. Getting to know the location of your friends or relatives, can surely make you feel excited. So this is certainly one cool feature provided by most of the Spy Apps.

It is also useful when your phone goes missing. There might be cases when your phone goes missing and during such times, you can easily find out your missing phone, with this feature as you can track its location.

What Are Some Of The Top Facebook Spy Applications?

You can purchase the best Facebook Spy Application out of the many available choices, and here is the list of top 10 tools that lead the market.

#The Truth Spy

This tool let you spy without any limitations. Being available at a lower price, it also provide you with an absolutely free trial. You will be able to use the application without any interruption for the first 48 hours. All users who have tried it out once, review the application to be the best in its functionality.


This is one super cool effective monitoring device and also provides you with many interesting features like complete access to the address books, contacts, call tracking, ion easy and effective installation, GPS tracking and much more.



With good customer support and anonymity, this application is one of the best of it’s kind. With this application, you will be able to get a complete list of all Facebook messages, call logs, browsing history, GPS tracking and much more. This also provides a better and cool platform to monitor messages.


This application works specifically for monitoring and spying on Facebook Ads of your competitors. This will simply let you spy on your competitor’s Facebook Ad strategies and analyse them to craft better ones for your business. Advanced search and filtering, spying on competitors and in-depth analytics are some features that make PowerAdspy a much more powerful Ad spying tool to use.  



This can fetch every kind of information about your target device and keep you updated  on a regular basis, like sending you a consistent report to the registered email id. So you can track all activities by just monitoring your emails. It is also available in different languages like French, Spanish, Italian, German and much more.


This is a highly reputed Facebook spy application with a set of exclusive features like focusing on secure data, remote hijacking and many other facilities.


This is a superb Facebook spy application that will allow you to spy on all Facebook activities. The data that this app fetches to you about various other users on Facebook are like messages from Facebook chats and conversations. All these fetched data will be sent to an account chosen. Other interesting features that it provides you are like live call listening and recording, tracking of Sms, location and much more.


So you are actually lucky enough because you have many choices to make from, when it comes to buying Facebook spy tools . You have to make a thorough analysis of all the available Facebook spy tools that are leading the market trends and make your choice accordingly. As you go ahead in making a  purchase, be sure to use the tool that best suits your needs, and is also affordable. Such tools will always help you to spy effectively, thus saving your time. Given above, are the top list of 7 trending Facebook spy applications, and they have been fetched after a through analysis and study, so you can proceed to make a purchase from any of the above mentioned tools, based on your needs and enjoy an easy and effective Facebook spying.

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