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PowerAdSpy Strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, GDN & Native Advertising

Nothing in the world of marketing is constant, marketers have to keep themselves updated with new technology everyday. Technologies are changing upside-down everyday and so are marketing tactics. We have 1000s of people around the world watching ads and submitting the best ad copies to us for building our database of ads. You as a marketer can use these ads based on the niche of your business, now you have the power to create your Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, GDN, Native Ads compared to what your existing competitors are doing.

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Questions everyone usually asks…


How do I even create a Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Native, GDN ad?

What type of ad should I do? Video? Image? Sidebar?

Where do I send the traffic to? Opt-in page? Sales page? Webinar?

What audience, interests & countries to target ?

How do I create an ad that is a winner rather than wasting money on ads that don’t work?

Poweradspy is the worlds largest
database of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, GDN & Native ads with :

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Poweradspy is a “PLATINUM PLATTER” tool for anyone and everyone doing paid ads. Quickly find which ads work, model your ads after those and BOOM! Create winning ads while saving time, effort and money. Totally easy to use.

Rohan Nanda Marketing Head

In a short period of time, this tool has become my favorite spy tool for Facebook Ads. They have gone miles in terms of functionalities, up to date ads and especially search capabilities. This tool really has massive value for every publisher on Facebook.

Jeremy Fuller Product Manager

PowerAdSpy is more than just a spy tool. It offers both pioneering and priceless details and insights. Every serious Facebook affiliates need it to stay ahead of Facebook’s ever-changing landscape on targeting options, objectives and placement.

Roger Baxter Affiliate Marketer

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