PowerAdSpy Features

Devise own marketing strategy and work out advertising tactics for Reddit Ads

PowerAdSpy is a reliable ads spy tool that allows you to find the best running ads. It looks out for the best ads run by your competitors and provides winning ads for your business.

Prime Features of Reddit Ads Spy Tool

Build Winning Campaigns Today By Spying on Competitors

Ultimate Search and Filters

PowerAdSpy makes it easy to find the best ads and identifies countries that send the most organic and paid traffic to your competitors. It lets you search by country and filter by the interest for more insights.

Extensive In-depth Analysis

Find the Native Ad campaigns of your competitors that get maximum clicks. Also, find the network groups and valuable insights with a single click.

Faster Way to Spy Competitors

Ruminate the campaign history of your competitors, eliminate guesswork by finding what is working for them. Check the results of every ad split test they run to make their success yours.

Largest Ad Database

PowerAdSpy offers you the best running ads with a database of 100 million ads from 100+ different countries globally.

Unlock secrets of Reddit Advertising

Uncover secrets of world-class advertisers

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Local Marketing and Offline Business

PowerAdSpy finds winning ads for any local business niche in the world just in seconds. Search any fan page, domain, or keyword and show winners instantly to replicate for you and your client’s business.
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Online Marketing, Funnel, and Lead Generation Ads

User PowerAdSpy to search all Reddit Ads running to click funnels, opt-in offers, or lead pages in seconds. Show this in the landing pages, and demographics, reproduce and assemble.

PowerAdSpy Works in Easy Steps

The most powerful Social Ads advertising analytics tool

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Target Audience

Enter your target audience filters
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View Results

See active and past campaigns, landing page and results from advertisers online
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Copy and Implement

Reproduce and apply the ads that work so that you don’t waste money on ads that don’t work

Spy On Reddit Ads And Discover Competitor Secrets

Customers Endorsement

See what our happy customers have to say

In a short period of time, this tool has become my favorite spy tool for Facebook Ads. They have gone miles in terms of functionalities, up to date ads and especially search capabilities. This tool really has massive value for every publisher on Facebook.

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Jeremy Fuller Product Manager

PowerAdSpy is more than just a spy tool. It offers both pioneering and priceless details and insights. Every serious Facebook affiliate needs it to stay ahead of Facebook’s ever changing landscape on targeting options, objectives and placement.

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Roger Baxter Affiliate Marketer
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