Get Unlimited FREE access by inviting your friends to PowerAdSpy

When they register they get 5 Days free and when they add account and pay to PowerAdSpy, you will get increased access period.

Invite Friends

Your friends will get 5 days of free usage, once they signup using your link. Enough to get free 100-200 followers. If 10 people signup with your link, you get 50 days of free usage, if 100 people signup, you get 500 days free usage.

Use PowerAdSpy for Free

When they add their first account to PowerAdSpy you will get free access of 3 days in your account.

Get added benefits, if they pay

Whenever a friend you referred makes payment to PowerAdSpy, you get free days of 20% value of your friend’s payment.

How This Works

* Login to your PowerAdSpy Account.

* If you are a new user, signup by clicking the button above. As soon as you will get 5 Days FREE access to GramBoard.

* Navigate to “Get Free Usage” page

* Enter the emails of your friends/contacts you would like to invite and click on “Send them Free Usage“.

* You can also copy your referral invite link, and share on your Social profile, pages, groups or send them via email, WhatsApp, chat etc.