A Complete Introduction On How To Hack A Facebook Messenger iPhone

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A Complete Introduction On How To Hack A Facebook Messenger iPhone

There is no denying in the fact that over the last decade Facebook has always managed to stand out as an excellent social media platform. It is one of the most favorite platforms of people at all times. Today, Facebook stands a class apart from the rest with about an estimate of 1 billion monthly active users. It has become an integral part of all social media enthusiasts, and it is sure that Facebook will never go unmentioned in any discussion about leading social media platforms existing today. And nowadays, people are more interested in knowing the secrets of how to hack a facebook messenger with ease. 

Even thinking about hacking someone’s Facebook Messenger without them realizing excites us. Hacking and reading messages from your friends, relatives or spouse can be quite an interesting thing to do.

Can You Really Hack Someone’s Facebook Messages?

Well, it’s not that easy, but also not impossible to do.

How to hack Facebook Messenger is something we’ve all searched over the internet at least once. But ultimately end up getting disappointed. However, here you do not have to worry as we are disclosing the rocket science of hacking Facebook Messenger

Before proceeding further, let’s just checkout some of the common reasons for spying on a Messenger conversation. We have listed out three reasons which are likely to be true in every case and is applicable to everyone!

  • You would like to read a messenger conversation, without letting third parties know about it.
  • You want to be a hacker by exploring the techniques of hacking
  • You are a dutiful parent.

It’s okay if none of the above-mentioned reasons applied to you. The good news is, in this post, we have put together three of the most popular ways to hack Facebook Messenger Conversation. These are the same approaches that you can expect from experienced hackers to use as well.

  1. Keylogging 
  2. Phishing 
  3. Facebook Messenger Spy Applications – SpyFone

Of course, the same techniques are using by wives and girlfriends or by the husband and boyfriends fighting with the red-eyed monster known as jealousy or you might be a worried parent not having much time to monitor your teens’ social activity, and if this the case, check out this page.    

Now you will think that – got techniques, we can do this easily!

But wait – you also need to check a few basic things before you start to hack FB Messenger.

  • Knowledge of Internet usage.
  • iOS/Android Device.
  • FB Messenger Spying App.
  • Internet Connection.


# Keylogging

This is actually a software program or hardware device that records all real-time activities on a computer. The most interesting thing is that this program even records all keystrokes being made, so you can even track the passwords that are being used to login to the account. With this, you will also be able to determine the data or information that has been copied or pasted. So all you have to do, to get started is to just install the right software into your system.

An example of software which you could use for this is the SpyFone Keylogger. This is an ideal tool for tracking, cause it just helps you to record and analyze information with ease. It records everything that you type on your keyboard, maintains a list of used programs and also takes screenshots at regular intervals for later review.

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What To Do When The Password Gets Saved On Your Browser?

In this case, you can take the help of a popular and safe tool called the Facebook Password Decryptor. This is a totally free tool that detects and fetches your Facebook passwords which are stored via Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and other browsers. Just go ahead downloading the program and then install it in your system. And you will receive the login information that you will require to access the system.

So this is totally free and also you can fetch social media account passwords with ease, using this method.

# Phishing

This is another technique that you can make use of, in order to fetch the information that you require. This doesn’t make use of any hacking technique to fetch data, and rather it depends and works completely based on human psychology. For instance, social engineers have often noticed to solve scam utilizing flaws in human behaviors.

To carry this out, you basically make use of emails which looks like that from Facebook consisting of information about cyber attack attempt. Along with this email, there would be a link which the user has to follow, where the user will have to re-enter their login details, and will also have to change their Facebook password, to make their account more secure.

In reality, these details will actually be sent to the author of the scam email. So without any physical access to the system, this provides you with an opportunity to access the required details.

#Facebook Messenger Spy Applications – SpyFone

For those of you who are not so tech-savvy, using Facebook spy Apps – SpyFone is surely a better option. There are many other apps for the same, and you can choose the best ones that suit your needs, but SpyFone is one of the most used methods of spying FB messenger conversation around the world. This application is easy to install, use and set up. You might find it easy to handle while experiencing its user-friendly interface. Moreover, its an iPhone compatible app to hack FB conversation.


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How Do I Start With SpyFone?


To start, you need to purchase the App (Don’t be shocked!!! Every good thing comes with a price) and download the application, install the app on the target’s phone. That’s it 😉


With the software installed, you can start hacking Facebook messenger conversation of your target’s device along with the additional access to:

Premium Features 
  • Inbox messages
  • Call logs History
  • Internet History
  • Email accounts
  • GPS locations
  • Saved pictures, Gifs and videos
  • All messaging apps (WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Chat and more)
  • All social media platforms
Xtreme Features 
  • Live screen viewing 
  • Live video viewing 
  • Screen Capturing 
  • Call Recording 
  • Keystroke Logging 
  • Sound Recording 
  • Live Remote Control 
  • Surroundings Listening 

Trust me, with SpyFone you can get to where you want to be at any time. And if you have any issues, their customer support is available 24×7 to help you out.

Check-live-demo-of-spyfone Try-spyfone-now

There are a few tools that you should try when you’re looking for how to spy on facebook messenger chat for free trial.

How To Hack Facebook Messenger iPhone Using Emails Or Phone Numbers?

If you get to know the targeted person’s phone number or email information,  then you will get an opportunity to log in to that particular person’s Facebook account, and to spy on all their activities including messages received or sent. So if the user is using Messenger, then you just have to log in to their messenger to read out all their messages. Here are a few ways to access the user account of your choice.

  • Tap on the “Forgot Password” button
  •  Either choose to type the email or phone number of the user’s account whom you are trying to log in. This will help you to fetch their password.
  • Choose to perform a redirect to either your account or phone number to hack the Facebook account of your choice.

What Are The Advantages Of Facebook Spy Apps?

# Anonymity

Such Applications always reside inside the Operating System, and hence the owner of the target device will not find you unless the user checks it out purposely.


Spy apps designed for Facebook are reliable and affordable. Their prices are flexible and not too high for you to afford. So you can choose the best app, which is most affordable for you, from the list of tools that are available.

#Additional Features

These applications provide many interesting features apart from hacking messages of people whom you know. You can go ahead in tracking phone calls, track SMS messages, media, files, check web browser history and much more.

Can You Read Someone’s FB Messages Using Online Services?

This is yet another way to hack FB messages of anybody via resetting their password. This process becomes much more easy and simple, if the person whom you are targeting is close to you, and also if you will be able to answer a few personal questions about them.

  • Enter the email id of the user that you are trying to hack.
  • Select the “Forgot Password” button.
  • When you get an option to reset your password, tap on the “No longer Access To This email” button.
  • Enter a brand new email, that has never been used for creating any FB account. Make attempt to answer the safety question provided to you, and get access to all the Facebook activities, including the messages of the person whom you are spying on.


So spying on somebody whom you envy, admire or want to follow is quite simple, via hacking their FB account and messages. This is a simple way to get to them directly and check out the various means by which they carry out their FB activities and interact with other people.

Hacking is no more a difficult term, and everybody has been familiar with this term. So choosing to hack FB messages is not a bad idea, and you can benefit a lot from it. Go ahead, choosing the right hack method, to perform Facebook spying on anybody of your choice.