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Introducing a More Streamlined,
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The largest searchable database of hottest and best-performing ads -
100 percent performing based and ready to bring you profits.

A New Way to Increase Ad Campaigns ROI
upto 4X

Now get your hands on competitors' ads strategies and run ads that work best for your customer’s brand with minimal effort.


What’s NEW?

Here are a few ways that you can start benefiting from this new dashboard right away:

Search Bar

A simplified search bar
just for you to search ads as per your
keyword, advertiser, or domain.

Search By

Search and filter ads specifically by
text, brand, celebrity and the images


Sort By

Section the ads as per the
number of likes, shares and comments.
Enter the range as per you want.

Filter Tab

Filter and segment the ads
on the basis of -


Call To Action

Get the most crucial data on successful ad campaigns, in a matter of second - PowerAdSpy allows you to categorize the search based on a proper call to action as per your niche and according to your criteria. There are a number of calls to action provided in the list. Choose accordingly.



In order to get a grip over advertising in different languages you can use this filter and try to understand the tricks and patterns that are followed by different advertisers.


Ad Type

Now search the ads by its type. If you only want to have image ads then select Image Ads and If you want Video Ads then select Video Ads.


Ad Position

Now filtering Ads by its position has become a way more easier. As we know on Facebook we do have a side column and the Facebook home page news feed. And on both the sides the ads are displayed.



One of the greatest benefits of using PowerAdSpy is you can filter a large number of successful ads from over 180+ countries. By this you can strengthen up your Facebook marketing strategies and can better plan and structure your ads.



Now filter your ads by another typical measure that is Gender. Filtering by male/female will make it easier for the marketers to know the ads and its reach accordingly and then they can create their own ads in a better way.



You can filter the ads as per age groups. With this you can sharpen up your marketing and advertising techniques. There are various options available from which you can select.

Next to Filters is the
Lander Properties tab

Get more information about the advertisers and the networks
they are using by tracking ads based on Ecommerce platforms, funnels and sources.


Ecommerce Platform

You can now Check the E-commerce Platform used by the Advertiser. (e.g. Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce)


Marketing Platform

Search Ads by Marketing platforms like Google marketing platform, Hubspot, Hootsuite, & more.



Check the Funnel and landing pages of the Facebook ads by the PowerAdspy Funnel option.



Want to know which ads are running for ios and which for android desktop. With source option you can search ads wisely. This saves a lot of your time and efforts.

On the very right hand side, as you can see there are options present.
Let’s see in detail one by one.


Create Request

You can create requests and send links
for the ads that you are not able to see.
We will start monitoring them and will provide
you with the ads.

Invite Friends

Let your friends also use PowerAdSpy.
You can invite them with your unique invitation and they will receive 5 day free access and you get 1 day free access


Watch our tutorials

Stuck anywhere? We’ve got your back.
We have tons of tutorials to guide you on how to use PowerAdSpy the right way.

Share on Facebook
Share on Twitter

Now share ads you like on
Facebook and Twitter directly with ease.


Copy URL

You can even copy any URL you want
and share with anyone you want.

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