How To Track Someones Phone Through Facebook?

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How To Track Someones Phone Through Facebook?

How To Track Someones Phone Through Facebook?

Facebook has redefined the way people used to communicate with each other and it is also one of the largest social media platforms that you can use to promote and advertise your business or products. There are plenty of ways to track chats on Facebook. We all have our own reasons to use Facebook, to know more about the people whom we don’t know. Some of us are a little more dedicated than others, when it comes to finding unknown things or things that evoke our interest.

Does Facebook allow you to track your friend’s precise location?

Facebook is undergoing progress with time. And with each of their update, they are slowly moving on to greater heights. No matter what, they never compromise on their core competency, which is stalking. The application has recently updated its features with an option called “Nearby Friends”. This will let you continuously track where your friends are.

This is the right way to reach out to your friends who might be far away, so you use this feature, to reach out to the potential audience out there. You can use this feature to stick on to those friends who might be arriving in airports, shopping malls or parks. This lets you track their locations with ease. This is the best way to directly track your friends, without even letting them know, that you are following them.


“Nearby friends” option is a totally new feature and is also optional, so you can use it if you like or want to.  To avoid stalking this function comes to your use, with an automatic timer, which will disable this feature after some time, for instance one hour. This also produces an activity log which you can delete it, whenever you want to. All user details will be tracked on a map and the map will also be producing whereabouts of your time, which can be removed later on.

You and your friends can make the best use of it , whenever you want to find out the location of some of your friends. You can always choose to use Facebook for finding out where your close friends are. Sometimes it is good, even for spying on where exactly your friends are. Were you really aware of the fact that Facebook messenger’s default settings show precisely where you are, when you choose to send messages to someone?. Yes, it indeed does this and that is how many people come to know about your exact location.

What is Facebook’s new Live Location?

The Live location of Facebook will provide you a new seamless and simple way to share your location with others. This is so trending these days and is also available in Android and iOS as well.


So Facebook can really track your precise location?

Yes, this is one of the most recent features introduced to Android and iPhone users called “Nearby Friends”, and this feature simply allows you to track each other’s location for about a distance of half a mile or as near as possible, on a continuous basis. And this is an optional feature, which by default will be turned off and you should activate it, in order to make use of it.

So Facebook messenger’s live location update, is simply making it easier for you to track your friends. No more, can your friends lie to you, that they are somewhere else. And now, you will be able to locate your friends on a map, as they move.

How Does This Exactly Works?

  • In order to share your live location, all you have to do is to tap on the location icon, or select the more icon, and tap on the location that you want.
  • Here, you will be able to see your current location and also will be able to share your live location with others, if you wish.
  • If you choose to share your location, then people will be able to see where exactly you are on the map, for the next 60 minutes.
  • If you don’t wish to share your location, then you can simply choose to stop sharing your live location, and people will not be able to see you too.
  • There would be a small clock on the corner of your map, and hence you will be able to check out for how much more time, you will be live on the map.

So it is pretty fast to track your friend’s location with the Facebook messenger’s live location. Read about how well you will be able to do it.

Open the Facebook messenger application, and tap on all the contacts you want to share your live location with. You can do this, by clicking on the latest conversations you had with them, and then choose to click on the location button. Click on location button and make sure that the blue mark next to your location button is always on. You can also choose to stop sharing your location, whenever you want to.

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Can Facebook Help you To Track Lost Phones?

Your Android devices, are definitely one of the most important components in your life, so losing it can be like very difficult for you. It might contain all your important data and contacts.

You might have saved tones of your memories with pictures and videos of your favourite moments. But do not worry, as finding out your missing phone, or tracking it is quite easy now.

Track Someones Phone Through Facebook

#Use the IMEI Number

This is the International mobile equipment identity number, which all devices will be having. It would be present behind your device, so you can check out for it and in case you don’t find it, just dial to *#06#, and this will help to obtain the IMEI number of your phone. You have to save this number, so that it would be easy for you to find out your phone, incase it goes missing.

#Plan B Application

This is also one easy ways to track your lost phone’s location, and to use it, you need not install any sort of recovery software. You just have to login to Google play store and then select the My Android Apps to track your phone.

#Android Device Manager

This is one of the most recently launched features and is called the Android Device Manager. This surely enables you to check out your lost phones, no matter from where you have lost it.  Now you might be thinking of how you can use it exactly?.

First you need to go to the google settings application, from which you need to select the Android device manager. Here you will see that by default the location feature will be activated, but you need to actually activate the remote data wipe feature. So check out the remote factory reset feature and then click on activate. You need to accept whatever notifications you will be receiving about using your location data.


So this will let you track all your phone data like name of the place, when it has been last used and so on. The location details alone will not be enough to find your phone, if it has gone missing. Instead you can make a call to it directly, from your Android device manager. This will ring for the next 5 minutes with high volume, even if your phone is in silent or vibration mode.

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So How Does Facebook Track you exactly?

Facebook has already admitted the fact that it can track users and non users off-site. The app authorities have revealed that they go on tracking users and non-users across websites and apps for three important reasons, which includes providing direct services, securing companies own site and also to improve upon their products as well.

When you actually start using any site or application that uses Facebook services, then the app will surely receive all your related  information, even if you are logged out of your account, or if you don’t even have a Facebook account as well.

Whether it is information from such applications or websites, or be it information from the posts you share with other people on Facebook, it always keep you tracked, as to what you are doing and how you are doing.


So it is true that Facebook tracks you even if you are not registered on it. So you can just imagine the power of this cool social media platform. The data which is being retrieved from here, are used to target potential customers. Facebook is constantly working on updating new features to it, that will fetch them with more user data. The more data it collects, the better it will be able to target on their potential customers.

So tracking people becomes quite easy with Facebook, and it even helps you to stay connected with your friends with accurate information about them. Getting to know where your friends are, will also give you many opportunities to surprise them whenever you want to. So if you are planning to track someones phone through Facebook, you can simply go ahead to finding out people or spy on them, to know where exactly they are.