Cadbury Ad Research and Study – PowerAdSpy

Cadbury Ad Research and Study – PowerAdSpy

Cadbury – “Kuch Toh Meetha Hojaye”, founded by the Cadbury brothers & was started in 1847. They later moved the blooming business into a new, larger factory in Bridge Street in the centre of Birmingham. Cadbury was inspired to create this brand, and at the same time, Cadbury been inventing, inspiring, and investing in a […]

05 Things I Wish I Knew About In-page Push Notifications

The ad format of push notifications is rocking the boat since its release, a few years ago. Many advertisers all across the world stated that these push ads would not last for a long time, especially from the time when Google proclaimed the use of ad blockers and pulled down the apps that push ads […]


08 Facebook Post Best Practices That Drive Social Media Engagement

Let’s discuss an essential marketing strategy: Social Media Marketing. There are thousands of social media platforms, worldwide, even then, Facebook remains the most renowned one amongst all. It has 2.6 billion active monthly users and seems to have up a 10% increase in customers year-on-year. I usually love spending my time on Facebook, surfing, and […]

How Top Brands Are Leveraging Mobile Ads To Attract High-Quality Customers? How Can You Do It?

The world of marketing is bouncy, sprightly ever-changing – based on technology, strategies, trends which are never consistent. Therefore, a business needs to lie with the new technological trends in your related niche. If we talk about communication, we are here in the age of smartphones. Even though many brands face tons of issues in […]

Facebook Ad Policies 2020: Why Do My Ads Keep Getting Rejected?

July has arrived, we are almost in the middle of the year, but still, you are not hands-free on running successful ad campaigns. Are your Facebook ads still getting rejected? Hurtful…Right? Don’t Worry! You are not alone in this. It happens with all, whoever has spent countless hours designing the best creatives, writing their ad […]