How to use facebook audience insights

How To Use Facebook Audience Insights For Better Targeting

Maximizing reach and engagement is a priority for every marketer. Needless to say, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and organic promotion are prerequisite to a solid strategy for maximum engagement. And marketers don’t hesitate in spending dollars on advertisements to spread their brand awareness, hoping for the best ROI. With 2.80 billion monthly active users and 1.84 […]

Mobile marketing

Win The Market With 13 Best Mobile Marketing Strategies

Did your mind ever strike with questions like, what is mobile marketing? Also, are you searching for how mobile marketing is beneficial for marketers? If so, then you have come down to the right place. Many brands were not secure in this mobile revolution that we have stumbled into, and the trust still isn’t there […]


Stand-out with new budget-friendly Facebook ad strategies in 2021

In this world full of technology, people work in a give-and-take heritage. In business, people invest for the best ROI. But before planning and investing, there should be a proper strategies to implement. Are you a sole proprietor? If so, then you must be running your business and promoting your brand on social media platforms […]

eCommerce Advertsing Strategies

09 eCommerce Advertising Strategies to Generate 5x More Leads

Take for granted you have come to the market to get a sequin saree for your loved one. When you search for the same product online, you will get many more options for the products you are searching for. From this, you can imagine how tough the eCommerce business competition is. To stand -out with […]


07 Facebook Ad Tools To Save Your Time And Money

Facebook doesn’t need any introduction! It is well-known to all. With more than 2.45 million monthly active users, Facebook has become the most famous and biggest social media network with a high reach. Businesses who ignore Facebook to do ads are missing a big. The only goal of businesses to do advertisements is to reach […]